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September 2013

palak from the sewing rabbit team

Inspiration: Fall’s Natural Colors in Fashion

Hello, everyone! I’m Palak from the Sewing Rabbit Team, author of the blog Make It Handmade and the brand new – a frugal sewing blog all about sewing on the cheap!

Fall is my favorite season. Living in the south, it’s a brief break between a searingly hot summer, and winter’s biting cold. It’s the time of year where the earth gets to show off it’s true colors before resting at the end of the year. (It also happens to be the time of year I met my husband!)

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count down to kcw

T minus 28 DAYS

There is only one month before the next Kid’s Clothes Week! Are you ready? Of course you’re not. I’m not either. To get you excited and ready for the next challenge, we have some lovely guest bloggers lined up. There will be one blogger a week for the next three weeks sharing inspiration and motivation.

We have the Sewing Rabbit team, Celina Bailey from Petit a Petit and Family, and Vanessa from LBG Studio. With inspiration from these ladies you can’t help but want to make beautiful clothes! And then the last week before KCW starts, we have a surprise after surprise in store for you!



If all of this sounds awesome (and how could it not?) then sign yourself up for KCW October 2013! Log in on the kcw community site and head over to your dashboard. Click the sign up button and that’s it! You can even look around and see who else is sewing along this fall. If you have not registered on the new kcw site, what are you waiting for? We are all over there…waiting for you!

southern hemisphere poster by Brainstorm

kcw in the southern hemisphere

A few people contacted me and asked it I could make a KCW button for the southern hemisphere folks. Everyone in the southern hemisphere, of course, is sewing for the opposite season. It makes sewing spring clothes when we keep talking about fall feel a little odd. So I made a button and left off the bit about fall:

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