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Inspiration: Fall Mood Board + Fabric Picks

Hi! I’m Vanessa and I blog over at lbg studio. I am very excited to be here this week to share a little fall KCW inspiration with you. One of my favorite parts of sewing comes before any actual sewing occurs – choosing fabrics. I could browse through fabric shops, both brick and mortar and online; for hours. Unfortunately, I tend to shop for fabric the way I shop for clothes. . . with no particular plan in mind. That means I tend to end up with a bunch of fabric that I like but which doesn’t necessarily go together. I thought that maybe being a bit more methodical about fabric selection could be helpful! Especially when planning for something big like Kids Clothes Week. Since I’m a fan of graphic design and follow several design blogs, I thought I’d try using a mood board as a starting place for choosing a grouping of fabrics that coordinate. Since we’re all getting ready to sew for a fall themed KCW, that is the theme I used for creating my mood board. Below, I’ll be sharing my “process” along with blank versions of the templates I created that you can download so that you can play along.



 image sources (row 1: one | two | three) (row 2: one | two | three) (row 3: one | two | three)

Since I’m pretty much a Pinterest addict and because it is so useful, I started the process there.

Step 1 – Start a new board for your theme. I chose to create a secret board so no one would be overwhelmed by multiple pumpkin pins!

Step 2 – Pin, pin, pin! I searched for and pinned images that reminded me of fall in either color, texture, subject matter, or emotional response. I tried not to be too literal since I wanted a nice variety of images to work with.

Step 3 – Cull images and place remaining images into the mood board template. At this point, you will probably begin to see a sense of cohesiveness. Play around with the images and template until you see something you like.

Step 4 – Using the color picker tool in Photoshop, I clicked on various parts of the images to create a color palette.

Step 5 – Use the color palette and the mood board to find fabrics in the colors/textures you picked.

Step 6 – Place images of the fabrics you choose into the Fabric Swatch template to see them side by side. I find this really helpful when trying to visualize what colors/prints work well together when planning for an outfit or mini wardrobe I’d like to sew.

I used Photoshop CC for this project and you will need a recent version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to use the templates. If you don’t have either, you can go a simpler route: use a Pinterest board as your mood board and an online color palette generator like this one to pick colors.

Above is the fall themed mood board I created using the steps listed. Even while I was pinning I noticed that I tended to like images within a similar color palette. This became really noticeable as I worked on the mood board. Below are two separate fabric swatch groupings I put together using the mood board and color palette as a guide. I ended up with a nice mix of fabrics in coordinating colors, complimentary prints, and various textures. I could then use each grouping to create two (or more) outfits that will also mix and match with each other.


fabric sources: one | two | three | four


fabric sources: one | two | three | four

Thanks for having me! Hope this helps those of you, who like me; struggle a bit when it comes to being organized and planning ahead. I feel like I’ll be better prepared to go fabric shopping for this next round of KCW. Happy sewing!

mood board template | fabric swatch template | template instructions

*should a message pop up when you open either template in Photoshop or Elements that asks if you want to flatten or keep layers, choose keep layers!

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    Great idea, V. I love the secret board feature. I have a kids clothes board, but I feel it’s too narrow.

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