kid's clothes week january 2014

kcw: day five

Welcome to day five of Kid’s Clothes Week!

kcw featured garments for day five1. burnous by Elka 2. sweet dream pjs by Adrianna 3. upcycled t-shirt dress by Kerry  4. playtime dress by Kristi

It’s Friday! But don’t get all comfy on the couch just yet. It’s Kid’s Clothes Week not Kid’s Clothes take-the-weekend-off! Weekends can be unpredictable sometimes–a whole day spent sledding (and recovering from sledding) or a day (fantastically) wasted on the beach; an unexpected guest or a forgotten birthday party–and suddenly it’s Sunday night. But you can find one hour each day! And one hour is all you need to find. If you don’t finish everything, who cares?! Take your hours this weekend to finish what you can.

kcw featured garments for day five1. playing in the rain by Anna 2. linen and lace by Heather 3. green jean by Jess 4. spring floral geranium by Tami

And then be proud of what you’ve done! Pat yourself on the back and then pat your fellow KCWers on the back too–maybe with a comment or a favorite. Look at all these amazing garments you guys have made: terry robes and crisp cotton pjs, happy yellow shirts and mr. green jeans pants! Seriously, you blow me away each season. Now get off the computer and sew!

kcw giveaway winner

The Zonen 09 pattern giveaway is our last giveaway of the season, folks. And the winner is…Michelle Linton! Congratulations, Michelle! You have won both of the new patterns by Zonen 09, Ole and Theo. I hope you enjoyed giveaway week. Be sure to stop by the blog this weekend for some more amazing featured garments! Happy KCW!

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