kcw january 2014: day four

kcw: day six

Welcome to day six of Kid’s Clothes Week!

kcw featured garments for day six

1. red raglan by Amy 2.corduroy hosh pants (with a tail) by Jane 3. dance sweater by Sacha 4. recess raglan by Tina

Day six already! How are you spending your hour today? Hemming? More hemming? Swearing off hemming forever? Or maybe you’ve caught the bug and are cutting into more fabric! It’s hard not to be inspired by the KCW community and all the gorgeous clothes they are making. But then again, it’s easy to be discouraged by it all too.

kcw featured garments for day six

1. gray striped bimaa by Nienke 2. skipper top with bling by Bethany 3. imagine gnats meridian coat by Sanae 4. refashioned cutie by Teri

The point of KCW is not to make a wardrobe full of handmade clothes–though sometimes that does happen. The point is to challenge yourself a little each day. If the challenge is just sitting down in front of the sewing machine, then so be it. If knits scare you, or you’ve always been afraid of making outerwear then maybe that’s where you need to push yourself.

For me KCW has always been about creative energy. When your creative energy is high, your eyes light up, you’re too excited to talk about your plans coherently, you must go make! That amazing energy is what I love and you cannot find it on the couch. It comes from making, challenging yourself to make more, different, better things. It’s hard! But give up and all that energy goes down the drain. So get up! One hour today, one tomorrow. You can do it.


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  • Reply Deb Cameron February 1, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Love KCW! The inspiration and the talent. I’m yet to finish anything, hemming, it slows me down…if only I could find a faster way to do it 😉

    • Reply Cate R February 2, 2014 at 11:21 am

      Ha, ha. I hear you on the hemming. Sometimes by the time I get to the hemming part of the project I just want to be able to snap my fingers and make it happen magically. My new approach is to do the hemming earlier in the project, if the particular pattern/project allows. That way it doesn’t seem like such a drag at the end.

  • Reply Stephanie February 2, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    I hate hemming! That’s one of my favorite parts of upcycling- skipping hemming 😀

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