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February 2014


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We had an amazing season here at KCW thanks to you and to our wonderful sponsors! KCW could not keep going if not for our fantastic sponsors. We are lucky to partner with pattern and fabric shops that have the modern sewers in mind–you! I think you will find that the patterns and fabrics sold in these shops are exceptional. They are not giant retailers trying to get you to buy what you don’t need, they are thoughtful, talented women bringing you high quality products that you will love.

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1. blank slate patterns 2. figgy’s 3. girl charlee 4.made by rae 5. hey june 6. zonen 09 7. very shannon 8. the fabric stash 9. miss matatabi 10. imagine gnats

I know posts like this can be easily passed over, but all of these women are working hard to bring you quality products. Consider buying from these small businesses next time you need a pattern or fabric. You support them, they support us, we support you: it’s a big, happy KCW circle!

kcw guest post by tara from girl like the sea

kcw january 2014 trends: colors

Hi! Tara here again, popping over from Girl Like The Sea, to give a report on some color trends from this KCW. A few scans through the flickr pool and community photos brought things to the forefront for me, though are by no means the final word on what colors people are sewing with right now.


Since Sanae and Brienne seem to be having all the fun with adding those awesome pieces of artwork to their posts, I didn’t want to be left out. Unfortunately I’m not an artist like they are, so I had to default to stick figures. When I think of color, I think of coloring. And when I think of coloring, I think of my kids coloring. And when I think of my kids coloring together……

Kids Clothes Week Color Report

Color can be such an emotionally charged thing. It makes me wonder where our preferences for certain colors come from. Why a friend of mine who has a very similar personality as I do also favors mustard and teal. Why so many little girls naturally gravitate towards Barbie pink when there are at least other shades of pink to choose from, not to mention a whole other spectrum of color. If my 4 year old could choose all of her decor, I’m almost positive her room would look like a Disney princess had a shopping spree sponsored by the color purple.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for philosophical musings and questions about how the world is made.

Pastels on neutrals

Somewhat surprising for winter was the use of neutral white/off white backgrounds with pastel colors….liberal use of florals as well. A cheerful splash in the midst of the polar vortex in much of my neck of the woods!


sources: MADE, Made by Masha


Sources: A Happy Stitch, Stitched Together


Sources: The Inspired Wren, At Luce Ends


Source: Dandelions and Lace

Black and Navy

The biggest thing I saw? …….Black and navy! Can you believe it? I have a big appreciation for what often seems like the rare usage of neutrals in kids clothes. It makes sense, that people us more bright and fun fabrics. They’re more likely to please the kids enough to get them into our creations, and colors just tend to be more interesting when compared to neutrals. But neutrals can make design sing, and can give kids clothes something unexpected.

Maybe it’s the cold of the winter, or just me noticing it because it was my job to pay attention, but it really seemed like people were feeling the blacks and dark blues this KCW!


Sources: I’m Feelin Crafty, Our Family Four, Huisje Boompje Boefjes


 Sources: Cut Cut Sew, A happy Stitch


Source: Craftiness Is Not Optional


Sources: The Un Eventful Life, Lea And Lars


 Sources: Hamster And The Bee, Girl Like The Sea, Behind The Hedgerow


Source: Etcetera Or Whatever


Source: Skirt As Top


 Source: Cut Cut Sew


Sources: The Powell Family, Spiegel Stiksels, Adirondack Inspired

Splashes of Reds

And then there was this pop of red that kept jumping out at me. There were some dark reds being used, and also little bits of it accenting other colors. With Valentines Day just around the corner, it makes sense to be seeing quite a bit of red.


Source: Oliver’s Fancy


Source: Behind The Hedgerow


 Source: Buzzmills


Source: Buzzmills


Source: Falafel And The Bee

So……..What are your favorite colors? Do you tend to use different ones in different seasons? Do you have a strategy when making kids clothes on how to make them work well with other things in the wardrobe? I came to find that I was mixing too many loud printy things in. If I consider how a fabric will integrate before I buy/sew with it, I often make different decisions. But that’s just my strategy. My eye is sensitive to chaos, so seeing my kids in head to toe clashing prints and colors makes me crazy. Lol.

I’ll be back once more before in the KCW post-season, so see you then!

kcw guest post by sanae from sanae ishida

kcw january 2014 trends: patterns

2014-kcw-winter-patternsHello, hello! Sanae here, back with some hardcore analysis of winter kcw 2014 (kidding, of course). Today, I’m featuring some popular patterns that popped up frequently in the project pool. There are some serious goodies. I spent some quality time going through all the images and I’m simply blown away. The variety, quality and squeal-worthy awesomeness of the projects are inspiring to say the least. And is it just me, or has everyone become a professional photographer? It felt like I was looking through a bonafide kids fashion catalog.

First up: far and away the pattern I saw on constant repeat was the Bimaa sweater by LouBeeClothing. Both the cowl and hoodie versions were incredibly popular. Check out these fun ones:

2014-kcw-winter-patterns-bimaa1. holli c | 2. craftiness is not optional | 3. handmade therapy | 4. iseamstressed | 5. girl like the sea | 6. bhal | 7. olivers fancy | 8. lizzieville | 9. mustard

There are quite a few others, and it’s worth going through the pool! Tara’s daughter’s expression in the middle there — oh, it kills me, it’s so adorable.


Another much loved pattern is Rae’s Geranium. There’s a top as well as a dress variation, and it is especially heart-achingly sweet seeing the littlest, itty bitty ones rocking this stylish outfit. Gah, I love Kids Clothes Week!

Here is an assortment of Geraniums that caught my eye:


1. leanuh | 2. dandelions and lace | 3. lilt and jig | 4. anw5db | 5. deanna| 6. anw5db | 7. i married superman | 8. dccdmom | 9. mellybean


I felt like I got a little carried away with all the girl clothes up there, so I scoured the pool for boy-specific looks. No surprise that tees and pants were the go-to patterns. Specifically, raglan tees were all over the place; the Field Trip Raglan by Oliver + S (now available as a separate PDF!) and Recess Raglan by SeeKateSew seemed to top the charts. As for pants, there were so many patterns used, but the ones that stood out for me were the Zonen Jacob and Relaxed fit pants from Ottobre magazine. I’m digging the vibrant fabrics going on and here are a few of my faves:


1. laura of behind the hedgerow | 2. gail of probably actually | 3. orsoka | 4. jane of buzzmills | 5. orsoka | 6. heidi polcyn | 7. curl up | 8. skirtastop | 9. laura of behind the hedgerow


Marvelous, right? Hop on over to see the project pool here and you’ll find yourself itching to get back to the sewing machine!