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April 2014

Erin from Our Family Four for KCW

kcw trends: patterns

There were so many incredible projects in the Kids Clothes Week project pool this year!!  It appears that everyone was eager to dive into their spring sewing, regardless of what the spring weather looked like for each of us.  Here are a few patterns that kept making the rounds this season.

The Geranium.  So classic, so many options, just do it.  Everyone else is and they won’t even mind if you’re late to the party.


(clockwise) graypiped, cars, navy,

The Skater.  It’s a comfy, awesome, staple.  Easy, fun, and you can peplum that baby out if you’d like even more options.


Blue, Feather, Pink

Small Fry Skinny Jeans.  It appears that several of us came off of that SFSJ pattern tour inspired to try this pattern out for ourselves, and it showed in the project pool.


Here, star, teal

It wouldn’t be a kids spring sewing session without a few jackets, and the options that were linked up are all drool worthy.


StarboardStudy Hall JacketSecret Agent TrenchJacki Dress

The Sally Dress.  Spring is here and your little lady needs some huge pockets to stash flowers, rocks, candy, toys, and other outdoor treasures.  There is no dress that can hold so much loot and look so cute at the same time.

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

Red, Navy, Pink

Shorts.  True, summer is just around the corner, but for some of us, the spring weather has been calling for shorts.  Luckily there are shorts options like crazy in the project pool.

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

Kid ShortsPrefontaine ShortsBubble Pocket ShortsCoastal Cargos

There were collections of patterns from several lovely designers, like See Kate Sew‘s items below.

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

Aztec Hooded VestPippaRecess Raglan

The Flashback Skinny Tee.  Again, another pattern with options for customization as far as the eye can see.  Make it cool for your little dude, girly for your little lady, or something in between.

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

(clockwise) Triangle, Scalloped SequinsBlue FloralNinja Turtle,

Another love I have for the project pool is clicking around at designs that are new and fresh.  We’ll just go ahead and call them future front runners.  This was the first season I had seen any of these patterns and I love them all.

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

(clockwise) Paris skirt, Shearwater Caftan, Owl Princess TopGirls Style Book Dress

You just can’t beat when a beautiful bundle has just been released the week before KCW?  Am I right Perfect Pattern Parcel?  It appears that many of us were sewing our way through these a few weeks back, and though the bundle has expired, as all good things do, each of the patterns are still available from their individual designer.

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

(clockwise) Celestial Tee, Hanami Dress, Hosh PantsSeptember Tunic

 Speaking of designers, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to do some pattern testing for new patterns during KCW, as several of us did with the darling Matinee Dress.

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

(clockwise) AhoyBlue, Gray, Yellow

Some of us were sewing the scrumptious new Shandiin Top and Tunic (available soon from Lou Bee Clothing).

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

(clockwise) Summer, Yellow, Gingham, Floral

Others were busy pattern testing for Willow & Co‘s new line.  This full line, plus others, is now available for the rest of us as well! 🙂

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

(clockwise) Aster CardiganPersimmon Sundress, Kudzu CargosClover Shorts

My other weakness during KCW is discovering gorgeous gems of clothing that have been self drafted by the sewer!!  Ahh, I have such envy for ladies who can think something up, sketch it (maybe?), and then sew up a beautiful masterpiece.  So much inspiration!

kcw pattern trends: april 2014

(clockwise) Easter DressMatilde Dress, Denim Skirt, Color Block Cardi, Linen Cargos

What about you, what patterns stood out to you this season?  Did you jump over and purchase any new ones after seeing a beautiful example in the project pool?  I did!!

But the real question is, which patterns have you been sewing since KCW ended and you got the feeling back into your fingers?  Or are you holding out for summer KCW?

Renee from Nearest the Pin on KCW

kcw Theme: Mini Me!

Hi Kids Clothes Week enthusiasts! It’s Renee here again from Nearest the Pin. The team have a few fun round up posts planned and todays is the first. Whew! I have to say, the project pool was an amazing place to spend some time. I’m sure you’ll agree that the wealth of talent and productivity was quite amazing. In anticipation of this post, I have been keeping a keen eye out for projects that incorporated the ‘Mini Me’ theme into their KCW sewing. It wasn’t compulsory. It was just for fun. Let’s see how some of our KCW compatriots used the ‘Mini Me’ theme.

Upcycling grown up clothing

Mini Me 1

1. Erin Maupin 2. Oliver’s Fancy 3. Sew Pomona 4. Pienkel

All these ladies have very cleverly re-invented a piece of their own (or hubby’s) clothing into something new and funky for their children. What great inspiration!!

A Mini Version

Mini Me 2

1. Feathers Flights 2. marianabebe 3. Tarynt18 4. Bethany

Mini Me 3

1. Renee W 2. ahiggs 3. meganac 4. sofilantjes

Ahhhh why are little version of grown up clothes so so cute?!? Ha, and I must say, kudos to those who are not afraid of stepping out in public in matching outfits – I love it!!

Using Grown Up Fashion as Inspiration

Mini Me 4

1. erinkeith05 2. elsiemarley

These ladies very cleverly used their favourite grown up fashion inspirations and converted those into fantastic age appropriate outfits. If only I could pull off floral leggings as well as this little cutie!

Big and Little Versions for Kids

Mini Me 5

1. youandmie 2. katybellabug 3. tampete77

I will admit that I didn’t think of this interpretation of the theme prior to Kids Clothes Week – but of course! It’s a perfect way to get more than one use out of your newly purchased patterns and maybe reduce the arguments about who got what new clothes – maybe…

Anyway, what did you think of this season’s Mini Me theme? Did you enjoy a little extra inspiration point that was there if you needed it?  Theme suggestions for next season – let’s hear them….go

KCW April 2014 wrap up!

kcw april 2014: wrap up

The April 2014 edition of Kid’s Clothes Week has come and gone. As usual it was absolutely amazing! There were almost 500 of you signed up and sewing away for seven days. The quality (and quantity!) of handmade clothes you made was absolutely unreal.

KCW April 2014 wrap up!

1. color block flip by Raphaelle 2. elsa ballon by Raphaelle 3. zaza zebra by Deb 4. aztec hooded vest by Amanda 5. eleanor top by Steph 6. the not-frog skirt by Angela 7. doodle pajamas by huisje boompje boefjes 8. peplum dress by Trine 9. refashioned waistcoat by Lucy

Without fail at the end of each season, I think, “Well nothing can top that amazing season!” And then next season comes and you go and blow me away even more!

KCW April 2014 wrap up!

1. huckleberry springtime overalls by Emily 2. baby romper in blues & buses by Mae 3. nature walk pullover by Alexandra 4. gray bumblebee dress by Rebecca 5. easter dress #2 by Amy 6. arrow storm leggings by Rachael 7. perri pullover by Meghan 8.knight hoodie by Sophie 9. floral marina romper by Erin

Our lovely contributors (Jennine, Renee, Erin, and Brooke) will be back next week!  They’re going to talk about how you guys used the MINI ME theme and what patterns and colors were popular. I love the super sewing intensity of KCW, but I also love looking back and seeing what trends emerged. I think part of creating is thinking a bit about what you just created.

KCW April 2014 wrap up!

1. panda love by Terri Lin 2. flutter striped shirt by Sara 3. the soleil dress by Carin 4. sailboat top by Crystal 5. the rainbow dress by Stannel 6. field trip raglan by Irene 7. galaxy unicorn by Tartaruga 8. striped nessie top by Jill 9. panda raglan by Cherie

They will also be talking about why they sew and showing us the first thing they ever sewed for their kids! So don’t go! Stick around–subscribe even–to hear our very talented contributors talk a bit about sewing. And put your feet up. You deserve it after such an awesome KCW!