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Hello makers of beautiful kids clothes! Are you prepared to feel enabled? We are opening up the ability to add patterns on the KCW community site to everyone in the community! There are just too many good patterns for a small group of editors to get them all in, and we think that linking patterns up to projects is one of the most fun parts of the community site. So let’s do it.

  • To add a pattern, you first need to have a pattern maker. Go to EXPLORE > PATTERN MAKER to search for your maker. If she’s not there, add her using the short form. (Logos are optional.)
  • Then it’s time to add your pattern. Get there via ADD PATTERN on the nav bar. Your will need some basic information about the pattern, like sizes, name, and a general description.
  • You will also want to have images. An important note about pattern images: you should only upload images you have permission to post to the site. A pattern images could be the pattern maker’s images used with permission, or they could be a versions you or someone else made of the pattern. If the pattern maker already has images on the KCW site, you can add more pattern images from that maker.
  • Books: There are a lot of good patterns in books, but we don’t have the kinks 100% ironed out there. One day you can add those too, but hold off for now 🙂
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