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Hey guys! Julie here, from Our Chez Nous, and I’m back for one last post, to answer the question of why I sew….Why DO I sew?! This question could be answered is so many ways and all of those answer reflect a little bit not only about why I do sew, but about my personality itself.  I sew for many reasons! But let’s start at the beginning.

Moto Skinny Tee-2

Creativity is my Drug

I am, and always will be, a creative person by nature. I know all that sounds cheesy and oh so sappy, but it’s true. Ever since I was little, I remember trying different forms of creative outlets. From my Grand-Maman showing me how to use her vintage sewing machine to sew a top for my Ken doll (which, incidentally, my brother cut in pieces thanks to his fear of G.I. Joe dolls) and attach buttons to random pieces of fabrics. To a bit later, her teaching me how to knit my first ‘scarf’. At that age, these crafts didn’t quite stick with me. But I would never forget the feeling of being able to create something from scratch. Later on, I would fall in (and still am to this day be) love with architecture. You could pull out some on my notebooks from elementary school and find house plans/layouts and sketches of exterior details.  Later on when I transitioned to high school, I went into music instead. Piano, guitar and flute. I then found a love for interior design. I even went to school this past year to start a degree in that subject but my timing wasn’t right.

Mara 4

I’m a maker, not a homemaker.

You’re probably starting to wonder how this all relates to me sewing now right?! Well, I had kids early on. I’m only 26 and my oldest is 7, you do the math! When my oldest was born, the man and I had just started getting into photography and I was looking for a fun and creative way to showcase our new hobby and daughter, so I started scrapbooking. After a few years (and more kids) I wanted to try to introduce sewing into my pages. Since I had started I kept randomly seeing amazing pages with sewing details. And finally, the man gave me my first machine for my birthday 3 years ago. At that point, I didn’t scrapbook much anymore. But I had also discovered the world of online blogs!!!!! I was hooked. I think one of the first blogs I started to follow was Cirque du Bebe (now Ada Spragg) and everything kind of spiraled out of control from there. Now my biggest concern throughout some of these years, was to be called a housewife or homemaker. I’ve always found that this term, because yes, I have chosen to stay home with my kids, never really suited me. And was always afraid to be put in this category. But one day, I finally sucked it up and just did what I’ve always enjoyed, even if those things were related to this typical housewife stuff. And finally busted out the sewing machine to figure out how it worked.

Bohemian Dress-6

Life is a process, we all learn along the way. If we don’t, what are we here for?

I’ve been inspired by so much of the things I’ve seen in the online sewing community. I’ve had a chance to discover a new approach to being creative that I love. And not only that, but this approach has introduced others to me that I would never have considered even trying to do before, and goals that I never thought would have been possible as well. Think handmade wardrobes, and screen printing and freezer paper stencils among just a few possibilities.


Tie Dye Skinny-1

The future is in our hands, let’s MAKE it instead of BUY it!

Another one of the big reasons why I sew, is that I want to show my kids that they can make things themselves. They don’t need to rely on a store to provide them with the things they need in life. Showing them that putting in a bit of work, will produce amazing, one of a kind results that can last forever. Which brings me to this reason: Sewing has also given me and my kids something else to bring us closer together. A majority of the things I sew, I do with input from the beginning, either by them helping me pick out the pattern or fabric or just ideas on what they would like. As they’ve gotten older, my kids have started to get into their own style grooves. My oldest is a girly girl, who only wears dresses! My middle child is all about comfort and outdoor sports and the youngest, as long as it’s got fun stuff on it, it’s typically good to go.

Spring Showers Coat 015

If you never make a mistake, how can you learn?

Sewing for me, is a freedom. The freedom of expression, the freedom of independence and not having to rely on someone else to make things for me and the freedom to always remember to learn something new. What is sewing to you?!


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  • Reply Kristi August 22, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Well said Julie!

  • Reply Lightning McStitch August 23, 2014 at 6:51 am

    I’m in absolute agreement about the maker not homemaker bit. No-one should assume that just cause I can sew, therefore I can bake, or keep a clean house, or any of the other homely arts! Not me!

    Your sewing is beautiful Julie, as are those kids.

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