day seven: kcw oct 2014

day seven: kcw oct 2014

It’s here: the last day of Kid’s Clothes Week! Whether you made tons of cute clothes or ripped out the same seam everyday, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!  It’s not every week that you get to devote some time each day to creative pursuits. Being creative, making things, sewing Elsa costumes:)  is hard work. But it’s work that rejuvenated the soul.

day seven: kcw oct 2014

1. one more sweatshirt by Amy 2. fitzgerald tee by Brienne 3. oversize batwing sweatshirt by Trine 4. the lone eagle by Naii 

And now that you are full rejuvenated, it’s time to lie down on the couch! I can think of nothing better on a Sunday afternoon than perusing the KCW project pool, clicking on links here and there to read about how beautiful clothes were made. As an added bonus this KCW I discovered not only new makers, but a ton of new kid’s books!

day seven: kcw oct 2014
1. rowan tee by Jane 2. purple tutu by Angela 3. baby leggings by Mareike 4. lola dress by Suzanne

And while you are lying there on the couch (coffee in hand, the children playing quietly in their rooms-ha!) make sure your name is on the official KCW October 2014 participant list. Remember there is a big giveaway for everyone who participated! Tomorrow is the last day to add your name to the list.

Good Luck and Happy KCW!


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