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It’s Sarah from The Crazy Tailor back again with the last post for this season’s Kid’s Clothes Week! I’ve definitely not been leading by example for the actual sewing portion of this season. I did have good intentions, but you know, life and all. I’ve been enjoying reading the various thoughts and motivations of my co-contributors, and although I love reading those stories of “why I sew” I’m not very good at writing them. Actually, I’d rather just sew than write. Ha! So here’s my meager attempt to nail down exactly why I do love sewing so much.

I think, looking back, that I really inherited my love of “making” from my mom. I know I told you that she really, really detested sewing, but there were so many other things that she loved! She had us try cross-stitching, needlepoint, rug-hooking (does anyone remember those? We would make pillows out of them?? Ugh.) painting ceramics, making anything and everything out of paper. She loved to make gifts for family and friends. This grew out of a desire to give, but as a single parent, she didn’t have much to spare for buying – so we crocheted washcloths and made personalized stockings. Once we got our first desktop computer, a whole new world opened up for my mom! She currently owns her own custom rubber stamp business and is, as always, creating one-of-a-kind items for others. She turned her creativity into a livelihood! So obviously, my mom influenced me a lot.

Sewing is something I’ve been drawn to because I can really make it my own. I know what I like style-wise, but finding clothes for my kids that they like, that I like and that are modest is really getting difficult. Although I do like my finished garments to look as store-bought as possible (some people pride themselves on making things that are very unique – and that is wonderful! but not my style), I enjoy being able to put a spin on things, or take my children’s preferences into consideration.

The NUMBER ONE reason I sew is: a lack of quality, modest and affordable clothing for my kiddos, mostly my daughter. A quick stroll through your local Target will offer you mini skirts, cheetah prints, sass-emblazoned shirts and shortie shorts. Um, no thanks. I love a lot of Gap kids clothes, but hello? I can’t even fathom spending that much on one pair of jeans. Also, sewing is not always the cheapest route, but I love to recycle clothes, so there’s that. I do love to thrift shop, so I don’t make all of their clothes, but mostly dresses and skirts for my daughter, and outerwear. I really love making outerwear!

The second reason I sew: it’s a stress-buster! Sometimes I just need to go down to the basement and be by myself and create. I’m an introvert, so this is my jam. Totally.

Third thing: I’ve started sewing much more since I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. I think the need to complete  something is what drives me! I used to work in the service industry as a seamstress in tailor shops and there were always deadlines, bridal gowns to be finished, fittings scheduled. But once you’re a mom, it seems that nothing is ever finished. That’s how it feels to me! I need some instant gratification, or at least, something that I can finish in a couple of midnight sewing sprees!

So that was a little bit random and meandering, but I hope you got the gist of it. If you had someone that influenced your desire to sew, call them up and thank them! Your creativity makes world a happier place! And I’ll leave you with a good ole Ryan Gosling meme:

why I sew

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  • Reply Lightning McStitch February 28, 2015 at 5:14 am

    You know I was looking for those rug hooking kits just recently as a gift for a school kid. We called them latch-hook. Awesome craft so long as you give away the finished result! 🙂

    It is hard to nail the answer to this question, when it seems all you need to write is, Why wouldn’t you sew? But it’s always interesting to read what draws people to do it. Cheers!

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