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mistakes: diana from miss castelinhos

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a fun Kid’s Clothes Week. I had a blast! I made two t-shirts and they were WILD, if you don’t mind me saying. But the best part was seeing all the great clothes in the project pool everyday!

Today we go on talking about mistakes…

Let’s face it, we all made a few (or more than a few!). I’ve done my share! When I first started sewing, I would get really frustrated (I have to admit I still do, a little bit!), which was completely useless, because when you’re learning, you are sure to make many mistakes. That’s how you learn and improve. So just take a deep breathe and keep on going!

The main reason to why I make mistakes is that I’m always rushing to finish a project. I’m like a little kid… I want to be done as soon as possible! We have a saying here in Portugal (did you know I’m portuguese?), “A pressa é inimiga da perfeição”, which ruffly translates to “Haste makes waste” (now you know a little bit of portuguese!).

So let me tell you about some of the mistakes I’ve made…

The first pattern I ever bought was the Elm Poncho Raincoat. It was quite a task! I had never sewed with oilcloth and that was my biggest concern, but I figured I’d manage just fine. My first mistake was not reading about the amount of fabric I needed, in the instructions. I didn’t realize that I needed a bit more fabric to match the print in the different panels. I had to cut the back side panels with the print upside down. Lesson learned! I now always check the amount of fabric needed for each project.

The Twisted Tank is pretty simple, so I chose it for this last season of Kid’s Clothes Week and added a hood with some cute ears. Now, you probably are saying to yourself: “I know what went wrong! Adding the hood!”. Well, sorry to disappoint you… That was a perfect fit! What I did wrong was that I forgot to add interfacing to the ears and also sewed them with the wrong side up. I was so eager to finish, that I missed these simple steps. Don’t rush!


1. Elm Poncho Raincoat; 2. Regular Twisted Tank; 3. Small Fry Skinny Jeans; 4. Rowan Tee

The Small Fry Skinny Jeans were another project I rushed. I wanted my son to wear them on his birthday, and as a result, I forgot to topstitch all around the waistband. I’ve done a few Rowan Tee’s, so I have no excuse for this one. The neckline came out too big (you can see how bad it is, in the picture above), because of the red ribbing, which was too stretchy.


1. Sea Change Top; 2. Marthe Blouse; 3. Bubble Shorts

Every now and then, I sew a little something for myself. A little bit of “self-care sewing” as my dear friend Sara put it! And of course, I can’t wait to wear what I’ve made (again, always rushing!). If you look closely at the first picture, you’ll see that the stripes on the waistband are not exactly straight. That’s because, I didn’t iron the fabric before cutting, so it was all wrinkly and that happened. Another top I sewed for my self was the Marthe (did you notice how much I love stripes?). This one I didn’t even finish. I burned one of the sleeves while ironing, cut the fabric for the peplum all wrong and ran out of fabric.

I don’t usually sew for little girls, so there’s not a lot of gathering techniques and ruffles in my “portfolio”. The Bubble Shorts were a nice change.  Some how, the instructions, on how to sew the second leg, were not making sense to me, so I decided to do it my way. Of course, my way was completely wrong and I ended up doing it all over. This time I followed the instructions!

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the many mistakes I’ve made.

No matter how many mistakes you make, big or small, the truth is, you made something from a piece of fabric, and that is AMAZING! And not many people can say : “Yes, I made that!” 😀

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  • Reply Inspinration May 7, 2015 at 9:22 am

    Nice post! We also have a nice saying in Dutch about rushing, it translates to: Rushing is almost never good, and it is so true for sewing. I already read about the Marthe blouse a few weeks ago ofcourse, I still think you should finish it 😉

    • Reply Diana May 7, 2015 at 9:48 am

      Thanks Miranda! I will finish it for sure!

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