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July 2015

why I sew

Why I sew: Maria from My Cozy Co.

Hello! Is Maria again from My Cozy Co. Today is my turn to tell you why I sew. Actually, to be totally honest, I don’t rationalize very often the reasons behind my sewing endeavours. But writing this post has given me a great opportunity to dig into my thoughts, which made me appreciate even more my stitches.
Ok, let’s start.Why I Sew1_Mycozyco

1. Fox Pajamas  2. Safari Raglan:Flamingo  3.Charlie Dress

I sew because…..
1) I love to create. For me it is so amazing what we can make with our hands. How we can create amazing things from a raw material. I have been fascinated with creating/making since I can remember. I have gone through water color painting, stained glass and even precious metal jewellery, but since 5 years ago sewing has caught my  attention 100%. The feeling that I get taking a flat medium (in this case fabric) transforming it into a 3D object, which my kids can wear (well most of the times) is priceless.

2) I appreciate beauty. In this case I’m not talking just about the finished garment, I’m referring to the beauty of the fabrics, trimmings, sewing books and even tools! The last few years I have found myself collecting any sort of objects sewing related that every time I contemplate or work with, my soul gets fed. It may sound a bit crazy, but I think a person who sews will understand this feeling.

Why I Sew2_Mycozyco

1. Chambray+Liberty dress 2. Mulberry Tunic 3.Haven Acres Mini Collection

3) I want to challenge my brain. I love to learn new things, I always have had an inquisitive mind; and sewing is definitely a new skill that impulses me to learn constantly. I extremely enjoy practicing a new sewing technique, testing a new pattern, or even drafting an alteration in a pattern. Also I always remember one of many of mom’s sayings: “what you don’t use is going to get ruined”. Of course sewing has giving me the opportunity to have my brain busy  in the hope to maintain it healthy.

And last, but not least
4) It can make me feel extremely intense feelings or what I call, in a figurative way; it gives me an adrenaline rush. Yes, every time I’m immersing into a new sewing project I go through many stages. The roller coaster starts with worrying choosing the perfect fabric/materials/pattern, passing for the frustration when a mistake is on its way, the shadow of lack of inspiration, the happiness invasion when the kid (well at least the older one) wears the garment and a smile comes together with a hug plus a “thank you mom, I love it”…anyway to put it in few words for you, sewing is never boring for me, I don’t like boring, I like excitement and the most of the times plan ,trace, cut and stitch gives me the bust of energy that completes my day!

Why I Sew3_Mycozyco

1. Lua Sleepsack 2. Twisted Trousers 3. Ishi Dress

Thanks for reading me and now I would like to know: does sewing give you an adrenaline rush too?, please tell me yes!

why I sew

why i sew: audrey from skirt fixation

Hi there! It’s Audrey from Skirt Fixation here again today. I’m going to share why I sew with you. The short answer is: I’m 6 feet tall.

Nani Iro maxi skirt

Yep, a really, really statuesque lady. Sounds great and supermodel and all until you realize that ready-to-wear clothing is made for the average 5’5” tall woman. That makes said clothing 7” too short, tight, small, etc. for my overgrown body! So that’s the short answer. But, you protest, this is KIDS clothes week, and your kids aren’t 6 feet tall. (Well, beside my son who is 6’ 6.5” tall, that is true!) But I have 7 children, and they will be tall, so right now, RTW clothing doesn’t fit them very well either.

Why I Sew - Skirt Fixation

Oliver+S Music Class outfit, 7th birthday outfit,  Monet Inspired Dress, Oliver+S 2+2 outfit and Aster cardigan

For example, my 7 year old daughter is a size 4 around, and a size 8 in height.  So I end up making many of her clothes.  Like all those pictured above, and many more!  But little girls are so fun to sew for!

Why I sew for boys - Skirt Fixation


Inkodye cowboy shirt, 80s cartoon, Ethan shirt & Oliver+S cargo pants, Knight hoodie

My 9 year old son is a size 5 around, size 12 in height.  Again, I sew many of his clothes, and he loves to wear them!  So what I’m trying to share is that I sew some out of necessity. But the other reason I sew is as a creative outlet. Sewing is my stress relief. I love almost every part of a sewing project from start to finish.

Why I Sew - Skirt FixationSenna Tote, Cotton & Steel Mini Quilt, Pear Pincushion, Art Gallery Fabrics outfits

And I love every kind of sewing from apparel to quilting and bag making. The part of sewing that I really don’t enjoy is hand sewing; I simply don’t have patience for it! But perhaps my daughters play a part in that because for several years they have rescued me from any hand sewing.   They know that offering to work on the mending pile is a great negotiating tool for them! Speaking of my 3 daughters, I’ve been teaching them the art of sewing for several years now, and I’ve asked them to chime in on the topic “Why I Sew.”

Black knit skirt

Allegra (age 16): I’m the hand sewist in the family. I may not enjoy sewing with a machine, but if you need buttons sewed on, or an embroidered detail added, or a quilt hand bound, I’m your person. I hand sew because it’s calming, and it’s a creative outlet. When I was younger, I loved to do coloring pages. The crayon, sweeping over and over, filling the lines with color, gave me a feeling of calm. I loved picking out the perfect colors to accompany each other in a picture.

Embroidery by Allegra


Embroidered US map, Girl in rain, fish, dance legs

Now I embroider, and it gives me a similar feeling. Instead of the crayon, it’s the needle, over and under, filling the lines with color, giving me a feeling of calm. I still love to pick out the perfect colors. One of my favorite parts of the sewing process is going to the store and looking at the beautiful rainbow of embroidery thread. Hand binding is the same way. I love making each tiny stitch the same exact length and shape, and manipulating the corners into geometric perfection. Buttons…well, they’re not my favorite. But if it’s hand sewing, I’ll do it!

Chess Skirt

Aria (age 12): I enjoy both kinds of sewing. Hand sewing and machine sewing are both about equal in which one I would prefer to do. When I am sewing on a machine the part that I enjoy about it the most is seeing it come together. With each step the fabric comes together and begins to form into something I know that I have made with my hands (or rather machine). I recently discovered knits and those are soooo fun and easy to work with.

Upcycled Bag

I not only like sewing with a machine but I really like embroidering too. When I embroider it is like just starting with a pencil drawing and adding color. It gives me the feeling like I am making something come alive. Another thing I like about embroidering is the graceful movement of the needle. One thing I don’t like about sewing by hand is that my hand starts to get cramped pretty soon. That is why I would almost always rather sew a seam or a hem with the sewing machine.

Downton Duffle Coat for KCW

Annie (age 7): I sew because it’s fun. I made a skirt for my 4H project. I made the kind of skirt I really wanted to wear. I love the purple fabric and I think the white trim I put on it goes really good with it. Mom is also helping me sew a quilt for my bed.

So there you have it!   From all of us at Skirt Fixation; why we sew!  Please come visit us and see the latest project the girls made; charity skirts!

why I sew

why i sew: Katrien from KaatjeNaaisels

Hi everybody, it’s Katrien again from KaatjeNaaisels. Today, I want to tell you “Why I Sew”. I love this series a lot and I’m very excited to be a part of it!

The reason why I started sewing is different from the reasons why I sew today. I started sewing almost 3 years ago. The main reason for starting was the search for a hobby. I’m a midwife in a hospital with very irregular hours. Having a hobby out of the house, and at the same time every week is impossible to maintain.
I always was a creative person. As a kid I drew and crafted a lot. After reading her blog, I thought that sewing would be something for me. Of corse I didn’t have a sewing machine, so I lent the machine of my mother. She gave me a brief lesson about how her machine works and how to start with sewing straight lines. So thats what I did. Unlike a lot of beginning seamstresses I didn’t start with an easy project. My first project was a dress; a fully lined dress with a blind zipper and a pleated skirt. I took me 2 weeks to finish it. But when it was finished I was so very, very proud! I learned so much from this dress!

PicMonkey Collage1From left to right: Party dress – 30 years – First summer dressBridal KidsBambi Dress

After sewing this dress, I ordered some nice  fabrics online. I love sewing even more if I like the fabric also. I never had “fear of cutting”. So I started with some more expensive fabrics (In Belgium a Michael Miller fabric costs around 16 dollar). And soon I was addicted.

I learned how to sew, mainly from blogs and you tube. We have a lot of very talented bloggers in Belgium and I learned a lot from all of them.

Soon I realized that sewing dresses was the thing I loved to sew most. I’m very interested in Kids Fashion and love our Belgian designers a lot. My favorite brands are Fred and Ginger, CKS, Morley, Maan, Strass,… . Now, by taking a look at these brands, you will notice that beauty has a price. So, instead of buying al these dresses, I started trying to copy them. I always started from the same basic pattern bodice: the one from the book “Stof voor Durf het Zelvers“. It fits my girls perfectly and Griet and Lies explain some techniques about how to alter the pattern.

Soon the hobby became an addiction! After a half year of sewing I started my blog “KaatjeNaaisels”. I didn’t thought good enough about that name at the time, because now I don’t like it anymore. But I also didn’t think that so many people would like what I sew and follow me.

 PicMonkey CollageFrom left to right: En RouteParadeSchoolbag Jessy Dress Inspired by Fred and Ginger

So the reason “Why I Sew” now is slightly different. It’s still a hobby. But it is also a passion. I love the whole process of sewing. Thinking about designing a dress and searching for the perfect fabric. Then drawing the pattern and sewing it! I love to put it on one of my girls and taking pictures! I search in the stores for matching cardigans, socks and shoes! Recently I started to design my own pattern, wich I hope to launch at the end of september!

I met so many new people by blogging and sewing. I can test patterns for great designers, take part of blogtours and even write for KCW! How great is that! So that is Why I sew! Why do you sew?