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why i sew: jenny from mend and make new

Hi again, it’s Jenny from Mend & Make New here sharing ‘why I sew.’ I love this topic, so much so that about a year ago I wrote a post about it on my own blog, something that I’m now drawing on and adding new thoughts that have recently come to me.

Simply put, I sew because I LOVE it… in fact, I would go so far to say that I’m perhaps a bit addicted. I love the creative challenge of taking a few bits of fabric and some thread and turning them into something useful, beautiful and unique and something that will keep my children warm or shaded from the sun and make them feel special and loved.

mend and make new

 1. Floral Leggings & Cat Sweater / 2. Liberty Top / 3. Lua Sleep Sack

But did I always love sewing? No!

I only started sewing (in earnest) after I had my kids. Sure, I sewed a bit as a kid – my Mum is an awesome sewer and got me a kiddie sewing machine and old black Singer as a kid, but I had the attention span of a gold fish. Seriously! I left a large trail of unfinished projects.

Fast forward twenty or so years and I had just finished quite a few years of study and was working hard. My Mum very generously bought me a sewing machine (still the one I have today), but it gathered dust for a few years while I was working. I’d work long hours, come home exhausted and creativity was the last thing on my agenda. I think on one occasion I tried to thread the machine and it freaked me out. My husband, whose Mum had taught him to sew so he could make sails for his model boats, had (much) more skills than me!

Mend & Make New 2

1. Little Tee / 2. Pineapple Playsuit / 3. Arrow Top

But then I had Noah (now 6 ) and everything changed. I think having kids/ being a stay at home Mom gives you both less freedom, yet more freedom. That’s a bit confusing, so I’ll explain. As a Mom, you might not be able to go to the bathroom by yourself or get optimal sleep for a few years BUT you have the freedom (in those pre-school days at least) to choose how you want to spend your days. Maybe we’ll go to the park or have a play date, maybe we wont. Today I’ll sleep when you sleep, tomorrow I’ll sew. For me, I used this freedom to learn new skills, which at the same time I think, kept me sane, gave me a sense of achievement and fulfilment and helped me to meet new people.

I decided, quite early on that if I was going to do this stay at home Mom thing, I was going to enjoy being at home, rather than resent it. I was going to enjoy my environment and never get bored. And truthfully, I don’t think I ever have. I’ve suffered a little from cabin fever yes, but bored – not really.

Mend & Make New 3

 1. Isabelle’s Merino PJs / 2. Bambi Vest / 3. Pixie Shorts

There is a lot of fulfillment that comes from being able to make something too – especially for kids. Kids clothes are great to start on, they are small, simple (no darts etc that you find in women’s clothing) and my kids LOVE it when I sew something for them, For me it’s just another way I can show love to them, by sewing it into every stitch. There is nothing better than being able to look over a finished garment and see that you have achieved something today, even though despite your best efforts your kids are still squabbling and your house keeps getting messed up, no matter how much you clean it! 

So, in a nutshell … that’s why I sew. For fun, fulfillment and for that creative kick… and because it helps keep me sane!  Also, it’s not just the result I enjoy… it’s the process, the community and the learning. And hearing your kid say,“Yes, my Mum made my top. She can sew anything!” That is priceless.

Why do you sew? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

Jenny x


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