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why i sew: Katrien from KaatjeNaaisels

Hi everybody, it’s Katrien again from KaatjeNaaisels. Today, I want to tell you “Why I Sew”. I love this series a lot and I’m very excited to be a part of it!

The reason why I started sewing is different from the reasons why I sew today. I started sewing almost 3 years ago. The main reason for starting was the search for a hobby. I’m a midwife in a hospital with very irregular hours. Having a hobby out of the house, and at the same time every week is impossible to maintain.
I always was a creative person. As a kid I drew and crafted a lot. After reading her blog, I thought that sewing would be something for me. Of corse I didn’t have a sewing machine, so I lent the machine of my mother. She gave me a brief lesson about how her machine works and how to start with sewing straight lines. So thats what I did. Unlike a lot of beginning seamstresses I didn’t start with an easy project. My first project was a dress; a fully lined dress with a blind zipper and a pleated skirt. I took me 2 weeks to finish it. But when it was finished I was so very, very proud! I learned so much from this dress!

PicMonkey Collage1From left to right: Party dress – 30 years – First summer dressBridal KidsBambi Dress

After sewing this dress, I ordered some nice  fabrics online. I love sewing even more if I like the fabric also. I never had “fear of cutting”. So I started with some more expensive fabrics (In Belgium a Michael Miller fabric costs around 16 dollar). And soon I was addicted.

I learned how to sew, mainly from blogs and you tube. We have a lot of very talented bloggers in Belgium and I learned a lot from all of them.

Soon I realized that sewing dresses was the thing I loved to sew most. I’m very interested in Kids Fashion and love our Belgian designers a lot. My favorite brands are Fred and Ginger, CKS, Morley, Maan, Strass,… . Now, by taking a look at these brands, you will notice that beauty has a price. So, instead of buying al these dresses, I started trying to copy them. I always started from the same basic pattern bodice: the one from the book “Stof voor Durf het Zelvers“. It fits my girls perfectly and Griet and Lies explain some techniques about how to alter the pattern.

Soon the hobby became an addiction! After a half year of sewing I started my blog “KaatjeNaaisels”. I didn’t thought good enough about that name at the time, because now I don’t like it anymore. But I also didn’t think that so many people would like what I sew and follow me.

 PicMonkey CollageFrom left to right: En RouteParadeSchoolbag Jessy Dress Inspired by Fred and Ginger

So the reason “Why I Sew” now is slightly different. It’s still a hobby. But it is also a passion. I love the whole process of sewing. Thinking about designing a dress and searching for the perfect fabric. Then drawing the pattern and sewing it! I love to put it on one of my girls and taking pictures! I search in the stores for matching cardigans, socks and shoes! Recently I started to design my own pattern, wich I hope to launch at the end of september!

I met so many new people by blogging and sewing. I can test patterns for great designers, take part of blogtours and even write for KCW! How great is that! So that is Why I sew! Why do you sew? 


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    Lovely post. I totally recognise your feelings of “addiction” and “passion”. How exiting to launch your own patterns!

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