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Why I sew: Maria from My Cozy Co.

Hello! Is Maria again from My Cozy Co. Today is my turn to tell you why I sew. Actually, to be totally honest, I don’t rationalize very often the reasons behind my sewing endeavours. But writing this post has given me a great opportunity to dig into my thoughts, which made me appreciate even more my stitches.
Ok, let’s start.Why I Sew1_Mycozyco

1. Fox Pajamas  2. Safari Raglan:Flamingo  3.Charlie Dress

I sew because…..
1) I love to create. For me it is so amazing what we can make with our hands. How we can create amazing things from a raw material. I have been fascinated with creating/making since I can remember. I have gone through water color painting, stained glass and even precious metal jewellery, but since 5 years ago sewing has caught my  attention 100%. The feeling that I get taking a flat medium (in this case fabric) transforming it into a 3D object, which my kids can wear (well most of the times) is priceless.

2) I appreciate beauty. In this case I’m not talking just about the finished garment, I’m referring to the beauty of the fabrics, trimmings, sewing books and even tools! The last few years I have found myself collecting any sort of objects sewing related that every time I contemplate or work with, my soul gets fed. It may sound a bit crazy, but I think a person who sews will understand this feeling.

Why I Sew2_Mycozyco

1. Chambray+Liberty dress 2. Mulberry Tunic 3.Haven Acres Mini Collection

3) I want to challenge my brain. I love to learn new things, I always have had an inquisitive mind; and sewing is definitely a new skill that impulses me to learn constantly. I extremely enjoy practicing a new sewing technique, testing a new pattern, or even drafting an alteration in a pattern. Also I always remember one of many of mom’s sayings: “what you don’t use is going to get ruined”. Of course sewing has giving me the opportunity to have my brain busy  in the hope to maintain it healthy.

And last, but not least
4) It can make me feel extremely intense feelings or what I call, in a figurative way; it gives me an adrenaline rush. Yes, every time I’m immersing into a new sewing project I go through many stages. The roller coaster starts with worrying choosing the perfect fabric/materials/pattern, passing for the frustration when a mistake is on its way, the shadow of lack of inspiration, the happiness invasion when the kid (well at least the older one) wears the garment and a smile comes together with a hug plus a “thank you mom, I love it”…anyway to put it in few words for you, sewing is never boring for me, I don’t like boring, I like excitement and the most of the times plan ,trace, cut and stitch gives me the bust of energy that completes my day!

Why I Sew3_Mycozyco

1. Lua Sleepsack 2. Twisted Trousers 3. Ishi Dress

Thanks for reading me and now I would like to know: does sewing give you an adrenaline rush too?, please tell me yes!

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  • Reply Mindy July 23, 2015 at 9:46 am

    That is exactly how i feel!  i am definitely a creator.  After years of drawing I made the first dress for my daughter and got the crazy rush of … pride? Satisfaction?  It felt so incredible to make something so cute but so useful.  18 months later and I still get worked up and super excited as I plan and my projects come together.  Glad I am not the only one!

  • Reply BJ Marley July 23, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    You expressed it so well.

  • Reply Esther Bejar August 2, 2015 at 5:54 am

    I love this pijama!! Fantastic!!

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