DISGUISE: costumes to wear everyday

DISGUISE: costumes to wear everyday

Hi there, it’s Lindsay, posting today about making costume-inspired pieces for your kiddos that are practical enough for everyday wear. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve totally been that mom at the grocery store who is pushing the kid in the Batman mask or completely obnoxious adorable princess ensemble. I’m all for agreeing to those wardrobe requests once in a while, but sometimes you need your kids to look a little bit more presentable. To be capable of, you know, buckling their seatbelt or seeing more than three feet in front of their face. I’ve got some ideas on how to make them feel as though they’re in disguise and you, like a master of compromise.

First are some costume-like patterns and tutorials that are still super wearable.


1. Knight hoodie 2. Chic Cocktail Swing Coat 3. Petal Dress 4. Mermaid skirt

The next four patterns are fantastic as is, but could also be easily modified or embellished. Tara’s pinafore could be inspiration for any winged creature. Ridiculously adorable and cozy, this Fur Hood is perfect for any wild thing. The Onstage Tutu would be super sweet and isn’t too poofy to wear to school. These dungarees have been on my “to sew” list for a while. They could certainly outfit a little farmer, train conductor, or a hipster Taylor Swift.

kcw post 1 pic 2

1. Little Bee Pinafore 2. Fur Hood 3. OnStage Tutu 4. Charles Dungarees

We’ve talked about some costume inspired pieces that work for everyday. If you’re planning to use this Kids Clothes Week to make an actual Halloween costume, lets consider some disguises that can flex back into wearable pieces.

There are several pictures of me in my youth, rocking a pretty rad perm and wearing a “sweatsuit costume.” Basically, my mother bought a sweatsuit at the store and hot glued embellishments onto it. Black sweatsuit plus ears and a pinned on tail… Black cat! Gold hoodie with coordinating yarn glued on…Cowardly Lion! You get the idea. Now my first instinct is to tease my mom relentlessly about these creations, but it’s kind of a great concept (though she does deserve some grief about my hideous hair).

Here are a few examples that put that cat sweatsuit I wore for three consecutive years to shame.

KCW post last pic

1. Rainbow Dash 2. Rocket Man 3. Raven 4. Totoro

Knowing how to sew, means we aren’t limited to what we can find in a store. There are some amazing patterns out there for kid staples. Stacey mentioned several of them in her pattern post last week. If you make the costume additions removable, you’re left with some great handmade basics to see your kids through the colder months!

I hope these ideas have helped you get your wheels turning. Can’t wait to see what you guys make this season!

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  • Reply Jess September 28, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    Some wonderful ideas in here! I definitely remember my mum employing the same ‘stick stuff to a sweatsuit’ method!  I might have to have a go at the mermaid tail and the tutu.  Thanks for the inspiration!

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