how to prepare for kid's clothes week

how to prepare for kcw

Today I’ve got some tips for you on how to get the most out of Kids Clothes Week.

In order to make sure you can do as much sewing as is humanly possible during KCW (that is the aim right…?) you need to be thoroughly prepared.  Think of this like training for a marathon.  No, actually don’t.  Marathons aren’t at all fun.  (Apart from the carb loading possibly…) Don’t listen to people who say marathons are fun – they’re totally crazy! (Unlike people who stay up all night sewing and then find themselves barely able to function the next day because of it.  That’s perfectly normal and not at all crazy.)

I digress…

To get the most of KCW you need to plan ahead.  Here are some things you can do in advance to help you get as much sewing done as you like:

1. Decide what you’re going to make.

Use the theme for inspiration, or don’t, it’s entirely up to you.  Take a look at the KCW blog to get some ideas (already doing that? Well done.)  If you want to use paper patterns make sure you order them in plenty of time to get to you.  If you’re using PDF patterns, print and join them before hand and make sure you have a helper to hand you the sellotape.

announcing the fall 2015 kcw season

2. Stock up.

Check the fabric requirements and purchase what you need.  Don’t forget any notions; buttons, zippers, trims.  And the thread! Oh my goodness, I ALWAYS forget the thread!  Also, I feel obliged here to say that you should probably look through your stash and see if you have anything that would work for the project you have in mind BEFORE you go fabric shopping, but really – who are we kidding, go and buy some more fabric.  Go on, you deserve it.

Notions and supplies

1. Thread (source) 2. Zippers (source) 3. Buttons (source)

3. Prepare.

Wash, dry and iron your fabric before KCW starts.  You can even cut out your pattern pieces and have them all ready to go.  As long as you don’t actually sew anything before KCW starts it’s NOT CHEATING!

wash and dry your fabric

1. Wash and dry your fabrics before cutting (source) 2. The small ones may have other ideas about why there is so much fabric on the line of course… (source)

4. Organize.

It’s also a really great idea to tidy and organise your sewing space so that you don’t waste entire evenings looking for your seam ripper or something equally frustrating.  Just needing to use you seam ripper is bad enough – needing to use it and being completely unable to find it will probably leave you feeling something like this:  Although probably not naked.  Not that I’m judging; if naked sewing is your thing, that’s totally fine by me….

 Prepare for KCW

1. Avoid frustration by making sure you have all the tools you need (source) 2. Have plenty of wine on hand (source) 3. Organise your supplies (source) 4. Stock up the freezer (source)

If you’re feeling super organised you could also prepare some freezer meals so that you don’t need to waste any of KCW on non-sewing related activities.  Or if that just seems like way too much effort then just go out and stock up on bread.  I’ll explain why in my next post. While you’re there get tea too. And Jelly Beans. And wine.  Lots of wine.

Have you started preparing for KCW?

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  • Reply Bethany October 6, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    Jessica – this hits the nail right on the proverbial head!  I had to laugh out loud about the staying up way too late and barely being able to function part not being crazy.  Glad to know I’m not crazy.  And I love the idea of preparing meals ahead of time.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that for KCW since I do it for other things.  I am totally (I hope) going to (get to) do that this season!

    • Reply jessica wright October 8, 2015 at 7:20 pm

      Thanks Bethany – We might still be crazy, but at least we’re not alone! Good luck with stocking your freezer!

  • Reply With Love - by Eva October 7, 2015 at 10:55 am

    I love the way you write, so funny and yet so recognizable! 

  • Reply Rachel October 7, 2015 at 1:14 pm


  • Reply Lightning McStitch October 8, 2015 at 1:04 am

    Great post! Sewing nude makes perfect sense when you’ve failed to do any laundry or other chores for the whole week!

    The insane part comes not from sewing, but trying to photograph and blog about your own makes and check out everyone else’s.

    • Reply jessica wright October 8, 2015 at 7:16 pm

      Of course! I didn’t even think of that! Sewing nude is the perfect solution – Just watch out for the pins…

      And yes, trying to sew and photograph and blog and keep up with what everyone else is up to is quite literally impossible.

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