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why i sew: jess from gracious threads

I’ve been asked many times why I spend so much time and effort sewing my children’s clothing. Many people assume it is to save money; sadly my addiction to beautiful fabrics means I probably spend more on fabric, patterns, and machines than I would buying inexpensive mass produced clothing. I wanted to share with you today my motivation. I sew for…

…clothes that last

Kids should be free to play, explore, and make messes, and I want their clothes to be able to keep up with them. Double stitched hems, durable linings, and high quality supplies are all the ways that I make clothes last, even to be passed on to siblings and cousins.

collage durable


1. Ottobre Jacket, Gracious Threads Everest Pants 2. B*Inspired Scarlett Dress 3. Ottobre Jacket, Gracious Threads Petra Tee, Mem Rose Skirt

…clothes that fit

My first real attempts at pattern manipulation and drafting were inspired by my beautiful oldest daughter. She is very petite (does not take after her mother!), and ready to wear clothes hang terribly, if they even stay up at all! It gives me so much joy to see her wearing age appropriate, well fitting clothes, even if she doesn’t wear a typical size for her age.

 PicMonkey Collage

1. Ottobre vest, Jalie top, Love Notions Maxine Pants 2. Gracious Threads Star Anise Dress 3. Ottobre Tee

…a sane mama

Ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I really do feel that sewing has help me keep a healthy balance in life. I am blessed to take a few years away from teaching (except of the occasional substitute teaching) to stay home with my children. While parenting has its own challenges, I enjoy learning new skills and stretching my brain. In the past few years, my sewing has brought me to learn about textiles, pattern drafting, photography, blogging, and running a small business. And it all began with needle and thread!

collage challenge


1. Sisboom Ethan and Charming Doodle Kudzu Cargoes 2. Sisboom Tobago 3. Gracious Threads Rainbow Tee  

It has been such an honour to be part of another season of Kid’s Clothes Week. I loved seeing all your creations and can’t wait to do it again soon!

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