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Earlier this week I said (in an instagram post) that sewing means the world to me, and it’s true, it really is. Sewing may be my hobby but it’s also sew much more (excuse the pun!).

Sewing brings balance to my world

I haven’t always been interested in sewing. For me it’s a passion that was born a few months before my first baby. While I was expecting her it was a relaxing and meditative pastime for me, it was an opportunity to slow down and spend some time thinking about this new life that was coming. Having embarked on the ultimate act of creating, suddenly a whole new world was opening up to me (if I can make a person then surely I can make a cushion cover….?)

Why I Sew

After my daughter was born and my world had been thoroughly turned upside down I found that sewing was in fact my lifeline, a way to keep me sane, something that I could do everyday which couldn’t be undone, physical proof that I had accomplished something that day. It was also a creative outlet. At times during that first year of maternity leave I felt lost, I didn’t know who I was anymore, my days were spent keeping a small and wonderful but terribly irrational baby alive, my family were half a world away and I hadn’t yet made the amazing friends that I have now.

Sewing connects me to the world

Looking at sewing blogs changed my world back then, and it continues to shape my life today in the most positive of ways. I doubt that there are many circles that are as welcoming, encouraging and inspiring as ours. I really feel like I have found my tribe, here, with you. I love these people who are so passionate and creative, so generous with their time and knowledge. I love this place where it’s fine to be part geek, part fashion fiend; part introvert and part show-off. We want to win, sure, but we want everyone else to win too.

why I sew 2

Some of the blogs which made me fall in love with sewing:

1. straight-grain 2. Made by Rae 3. Craftiness is not Optional 4. Sew Liberated

I have learnt so much from the sewing community over the past 6 years, and not just about sewing. I love the segues too – through them I have been introduced to Buddhism, to Montessori, and to Sustainable Fashion to name just a few. Which brings me nicely to my last point:

Sewing is my way of saving the world.

I have always felt that sewing and sustainability go hand in hand. While I haven’t always sewed, sewing is not new to me, I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up surrounded by homemade and home grown things. My mum used to sew clothes and toys for my sister and I when we were children and to me there is something particularly appealing about doing the same things for my children. I love that I am inadvertently instilling them with a surprisingly rare knowledge; that clothes and toys can be made by hand – they don’t just materialize from the mall; that it takes time and effort to create something and that these things should therefore be treated carefully and with love. I hope that this lesson will stick with them, that they will not be in too much of a hurry to dive into the horrible cycle of buying and discarding that our world seems to be stuck in.

Sewing really does mean the world to me and so do all of you awesome people who occupy this corner of the web.

Thank you for inspiring me, I shall try to repay the favour.

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