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why I sew: lindsay

Hi everyone, it’s Lindsay here, with my last post for the season. I’m writing today about why I sew.

Three years ago, my husband gave me a sewing machine for Christmas. I think he had heard me grumbling about the price of curtains and how I was sure I could make them for much cheaper. Ha! Obviously, I had not yet realized that sewing rarely saves you money! It was a basic machine, but it did the trick. Consequently, I’ve been making exaggerated sighs while sewing and “accidentally” leaving my Amazon wish list open on the iPad in hopes of getting a serger this year 🙂

Apart from learning to sew a pretty pitiful pot holder in my 6th grade home economics class, I’m self taught and making lots of mistakes as I go! I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from learning something new. I remember the day I finally figured out how to make buttonholes. I thought to myself, “now I can sew anything!” I’m still working on perfecting those buttonholes and so many other skills.

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I started sewing at a time that I was really having a hard time with work-life balance. I have a meaningful job that helps provide for my family (I’m a pediatric nurse). Despite that, I struggle with wanting to be home more with my kids and to not miss out on anything in these early years. I think, in many ways, sewing helped me battle some of the mom guilt. I’m not domestically inclined in the traditional sense. My cooking ability is marginal and my kids assume someone must be coming over when they see me dusting. Sewing clothes for my kids is that special thing I can do for them. Though it might seem counter-intuitive that adding something to my plate would help with balance, for whatever reason, it just helps me feel like a better mom.

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Another reason I sew is that I have a fashion obsessed five year old. I should clarify that “fashion” to her just means it has to be a skirt or a dress. She is my fabric shopping partner and is always excited to try on a new dress hot off the machine. I often don’t find things in stores that we both agree on, so handmade has been a good solution. I know we will be in the awkward tween years in the blink of an eye, so I’m soaking it up while I still can! I like sewing boy stuff too. However, my little guy insists on wearing the same Batman t-shirt nearly every day, so I’m just not willing to waste any of my precious stash on something he will refuse to wear.

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I have always been an artsy/crafty person. I used do musical theater, dance, and I’ve always enjoyed making things. At one point in my college career I was double majoring in music and genetics. Then I realized that was crazy sauce and I would be in school for ten million years. Some time after that, I lost track of that part of me all together. I think I fell hard for sewing because I was, unknowingly, in need of something to bring that back. Not that any art form is any less valuable, but making things that will be worn helps the practical part of me justify all the time and lost hours of sleep!

Compared to others, I have been sewing a relatively short time. Even still, it feels so ingrained in me now, that I know it will be lifelong pastime. As my youngest is just nine months, I’ll be making kid clothes for a while. Someday, when my kids are no longer interested in wearing mama-mades, I’m looking forward to spending some more time on building my own handmade wardrobe and starting to quilt.

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I’ve never really given the “why” a lot of thought, so this post has been interesting to write. Hopefully you’ve been able to relate to some of the things I’ve mentioned here or in previous posts. I don’t have my own blog (maybe someday?), but you can follow me out on Instagram. I’ve been so inspired by all the amazing work this season that I have already added many things to my incredibly unrealistic to-sew list. How about you?

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