KCW FEB 2016: toy fabric inspiration

TOY FABRICS: by anne from sofilantjes

Hi Everyone. It’s Anne from Sofilantjes. I am here today to share some inspiration. This winter season the theme is Toys. Toys can be incorporated in to clothing is so many ways. You’ll see 😉

Today I will share how to add toys to clothing by using fabric. Fabrics are a very easy way to give your garment a certain look. It doesn’t matter if you are going for bold, sweet, mature or little. There are so many great fabrics out there that can help you get that one look you desire. But in the jungle of fabrics it can be hard to choose. I will help you a little with that.

First boys fabrics.

Boys Collage

1. Skateboard for big boys and girls. 2. Boats for the little one. 3. Sirens, you can never go wrong with those. 4. Excavators, because you will be the coolest mom.

Not all of us who sew have boys to sew for. A lot of us have both or only girls. Here is a little girly inspiration for you.

Girls Collage

1. Masks, I love them. 2. Matroujska, we all know what those are.  3. Paper boats. I loved playing with them when I was little. 4. Paper planes, oh yes more childhood memories here.

You might wonder about how these fabrics will look great on a garment. Or what sort of garment you should sew. Anything is possible. Color block. Sew a whole garment out of one fabric. Make a blouse for your son or a beautiful dress for your daughter. Match them by using the same fabrics for both clothing items. Sew pants. Use a print for only the pockets. Line the hood with toy fabric.

Here’s some inspiration for you.

fabric Collage

1. Dolls on a shirt. 2. A jumpsuits can be cool. Even on bigger boys. 3. Boats jumpsuit, for the little ones. 4. Bicycles are toys in our country. At least for the little ones they are. useful toys.

One more and then I will stop I promise.

toy Collage

Panels and printed fabric both work. Didn’t Karly do a great job on these?!

I hope I was able to inspire you a little. If not, there is another post on fabrics coming. There is so much more to show you and there are so many more places for you to look. Don’t stop at prints though. Have you ever thought about using actual toy fabrics to sew a nice fur vest?

Thanks for reading. I had fun. Off to sewing…


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