kcw: day four may 2016

day four: kcw may 2016

Welcome to day four of Kid’s Clothes Week! We are already more than halfway through and you guys are on fire!

kcw: day three may 2016

1. future color block by Liesbet 2. baby present by Jo Bee 3. future rockstar shorts by Maartje 4. robot shirt by Mieke

This season’s theme [THE FUTURE] is a little tricky, but you guys don’t shy away from creative challenges. No! You go full steam ahead with sparkly metallics, black & white baby clothes, handmade galaxy prints, and robots robots robots! It occurs to me now that winter-y futuristic clothes might be easier than summery ones (you hear that southern hemisphere?!). In movies set in the future, it is always cold and gray. No one is planning ultramodern clothes for our future hot planet. Except you! And you are knocking out of the park.

kcw: day four may 2016

1. insecten by An 2. domi sweat shorts by An 3. granny floral kid shorts by Tami 4. be a unicorn by Fabienne 

I’ve always said the KCW crew has a way with prints and it’s true. You know when to splash out with a bold print and how to temper it with solids when that bold print gets a little out of control. You know when to add a bit of print here and there when your garment is looking a little flat. You are artists! Do you hear that? Artists! I hope you give yourself credit for the work you have done and the amazing artists you have become.


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  • Reply Karly Nelson May 26, 2016 at 10:29 am

    Awesome collection! 

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