kcw: brittney from sewing for four (plus one)

kcw and me: Brittney

Hi!  I am Brittney, I blog at sewing for four (plus one!) and I am here to add my thoughts and reflections of Kids Clothes Week to those already shared.

My first KCW was what seems like forever ago, in the fall of 2011.  I had only just started to teach myself to sew because I wanted to make my newborn twins some pretty dresses.  Maybe not the best time to take up a new hobby, but hey, it worked out in the end.  I was nervous to put my sewing out in to the world, but I put the photographs of my two makes that week up on Flickr and in to the Elsie Marley group as we did back then.  I was excited with each new comment or favorite, I couldn’t believe it.  The simple, kind words people left gave me so much confidence to keep going.

kcw: brittney from sewing for four (plus one)

And keep going I did.  I have actually managed to participate in each KCW since then.  In reality, I typically sew or prep a little bit almost every day anyway, but I love the community feel of the week.  That I am not alone in my obsession, not to mention all the amazing inspiration that comes from the project pool and Instagram. I have made many garments inspired by what I see during these weeks.

kcw: brittney from sewing for four (plus one)

I have formed many close friendships because I stuck with this sewing thing, friends worldwide that I get to talk to nearly every day.  I love watching their babies grow and feel like I know them, even if it isn’t ever actually face to face.  I like to look back on my makes from past KCWs and see just how much I have learned when it comes to sewing, and how much my kids have grown.

kcw: brittney from sewing for four (plus one)

It seems like each time I find new patterns that I haven’t seen before, and obviously now need, ha!  As I am sure some of you can relate, it feels so sad to close this Kids Clothes Week chapter, but I am excited to see what the future holds for the challenge.

kcw: brittney from sewing for four (plus one)

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    Gorgeous garments and kidlets Brittney ;o)

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