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kcw and me: Cherie

Hello! I’m Cherie from you & mie and while I don’t really blog anymore, KCW was a big part of my former life as a kids sewing blogger, as it probably has been for so many of you. I’m honored to be here to reflect back on what KCW has meant to me as it transitions into the next phase of it’s life and I do the same.


I first joined Kids Clothes Week in the spring of 2012 and I think I participated in about 7 total (it’s hard to count)! Over those weeks of sewing and sharing, I learned a lot of things about sewing, about myself, and life in general. And even though it’s been awhile since I’ve participated in KCW, these lessons have stuck with me.


So, in a quick look back on my fond KCW experiences, here are 5 things I learned from Kids Clothes Week . . .


1. The dishes can wait.
I don’t know about you, but Kids Clothes Week was a time when I’d put aside some of my usual responsibilities so I could sew, sew, sew. Dishes would pile up, laundry heaps would grow, and sometimes dinner would come from a box. Over the years, my priorities changed and KCW didn’t always mean a complete life-takeover, but I do believe that it’s ok to put the house chores aside for a day to get something done, especially something that means a lot to you. So let someone else worry about the dishes, you deserve the night off to sew! As long as you don’t forget to feed those kiddos, eventually . . .


2. Set goals and you will get things done.
KCW was great for me, because it gave me parameters. It encouraged me to be thoughtful about my goals and how I wanted to spend my time. I’ve never been more productive before! Whether it’s spending 1 hour per day sewing, or creating one new garment per day, or getting through that mending pile, or stash busting or pattern busting, or whatever – declare your goal for the week and figure out what you can do each day to get there. And know that if things don’t go as planned, that’s ok – you’re probably a step or two closer than you were before. And of course, there’s always next season!


3. Have fun and don’t take sewing so seriously.
Be creative, be bold, try something new! We’re sewing for KIDS, so there’s no need to strive for perfection. Make something they’d love. Make something ridiculous. Make something awesome! The best part of KCW was seeing all the amazing creations being shared via flickr, on blogs, Instagram and the KCW site. I was constantly blown away by the creativity of other makers. I loved to see how people would interpret a theme or hack a pattern or pick incredible fabric combos. If I took away anything, it’s that we can make ANYTHING. With ingenuity, determination and a little bit of skill, you bring any idea to life as a one-of-a-kind garment. And that is truly exciting.


4. I’m not alone. There are other people as crazy passionate, as I am.
There is something so comforting and thrilling about knowing that hundreds and hundreds of other people are right along side you sewing up a storm for one week. It’s encouraging to know that people around the world are with you and get you – staying up late, ignoring the dishes, pulling out the seam ripper again (and again) and making awesome things for kids because we love it.


5. We have an awesome community.
Not only is this a group of truly creative and skilled people, it is a supportive, generous, and loving community. We uplift each other with encouraging comments, likes, and hearts. We share stories and advice. We commiserate because we’ve been there too. We inspire and are inspired. And we’re all better people for it.

Our community would be nothing without our fearless leaders. KCW was the brainchild of the brilliant and amazing Meg, who has the best damn style and has spent countless hours of work putting all of this together season after season. And Dorie, who jumped on board and helped make KCW what it is today. We thank you for everything you’ve done and everything that KCW has meant to us!

And to Julie, the next pilot of this incredible ship, we cannot wait to see where you take us. The future is bright. Best of luck!

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  • Reply kristin May 23, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    Well said, Cherie!!  I miss your sewing and blogging, but am so glad we met through sewing.  What beautiful projects you’ve made up there!!

  • Reply Rae May 24, 2016 at 9:37 am

    Love this so much!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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