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Hello! I’m Gail from probably actually, and I’m a long-time Kids Clothes Week participant and fan. I still remember nervously adding my very first garment (the dress below, which I worked on the entire week!) to the Elsie Marley Flickr group for the spring 2011 challenge. Ahhh, memories…

kcw: gail from probably actually

I was still pretty new to sewing kids clothes back then, but what I lacked in skill I made up for in passion – I was completely obsessed with all things sewing. Discovering KCW connected me with an entire community of people who loved this stuff as much as I did. It was such an exciting little corner of the internet, and I very much wanted to be a part of it.

kcw: gail from probably actually

Participating in those KCW challenges quickly became the highlight of my sewing and blogging. I would prepare like crazy, tracing and cutting out ahead of time, sewing like mad, staying up until all hours, finishing multiple garments in the week. I knew my sewing buddies would up late, too, and we’d send each other messages while we hemmed sleeves and edited photos. It was like a virtual sewing slumber party.

kcw: gail from probably actually

I often tried to keep it simple during KCW so that I could churn out lots of clothes, but it also inspired me to be creative and to take on more challenging projects. I think I wanted to put my best foot forward in hopes that Meg would notice me 🙂

kcw: gail from probably actually

Because part of what made KCW really special for me was that Meg was behind it all. I dug her style from the moment I discovered Elsie Marley. Her writing is honest and funny, she always has an encouraging word at the right time, and, well, she’s just way cooler than your average sewing blogger. She makes great clothes, too – always perfectly understated and imaginative at the same time. The height of KCW excitement for me was guest posting on Elsie Marley during the fall challenge in 2012. I was really nervous about creating something worthy of Meg’s blog!

kcw: gail from probably actually

I’ve tried to participate to some extent in most of the challenges, but over the past year or so my sewing has slowed waaaaaay down, basically to a screeching halt. I can’t fully explain why it happened. Maybe it’s old age. Maybe when you eat, sleep, and breathe sewing for so long, you end up burning out. Whatever the reason, it started to feel like work. The joy is still in there somewhere, though, and I’m determined to find it again. It’s truly an amazing feeling to pour your heart and soul into something creative, and sharing in that feeling with so many others (KCW!) is all the more powerful.

kcw: gail from probably actually

So, whether you’re brand new to sewing kids clothes or trying to get back into it, KCW might be just the motivation you need to get things rolling. Just an hour a day for one week – it sounds do-able, right? Let’s all give it a try.

Thank you to Meg and Dorie for creating this magical space, and I look forward to what Julie has in store for us!



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  • Reply cate May 17, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    Yay! Love this post. I was nodding right along to it. And I adore your blog — I can always draw such inspiration for your creations. It’s so great that kcw has created such an awesome community. Without any “real life” friends who sew, this virtual community is my sewing family. 🙂

  • Reply kristin May 23, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    Ah yes.  Man I love seeing all of these gorgeous creations (and tiny Lila!) again!  Beautifully written, Gail.  

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