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kcw and me: Roxanne

Hello, I’m Roxanne from PenSeb&Rox. Meg asked me to share with you a bit about my experiences as a KCW participant. Like many of you, I’m both happy to see Kids Clothes Week continuing on with Julie in charge and sad that it means the departure of Meg and Dorie.

I became aware of KCW through my friend Starly. It was during a period where I lost my sewing mojo. As much as I loved the idea of sewing for my son, I just felt like the time was never there. During my child-free early 20’s I could easily spend several consecutive hours devoted to a sewing project. Now I often can’t even eat lunch without needing to juggle two other tasks. The whole notion of working on a kids sewing project for an hour a day for seven days really helped me motivate myself to find ways to work with small pieces of time. You can get a lot done with just 15 minutes here and there!

My first season participating was Winter 2014. I was pregnant with my second child and I had recently found out that it would be a girl. That lead to a lot of itty bitty baby sewing plans. The above dress I actually started during the Winter season but did not complete the project until the Spring season. Then it took about 6 more months for the dress to be worn!

Of course I did not forget about sewing for my firstborn. When KCW introduced themes, I found it great fun to consult with my son for ideas. For the Kid Art theme he even helped make his shirt by decorating a piece of white jersey knit.

Each season I see all sorts of inspiring kids projects that not only are visually inspiring but the knowledge that there are others just like me, creating during small slices of time, keeps me moving. I’m very excited to see what the future brings for KCW!

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  • Reply LC May 17, 2016 at 2:31 am

    I’m LC and this is my first time at KCW.  I will be happy to sew an hour a day for 7 days.  My husband and I get our granddaughters a week to 10 days once a month.  At the beginning of the year their Mom and I decided, we wouldn’t have clothes accompany their visits.  This would cut down on confusion and chaos, hopefully.  Since then the girls, ages 1 and 3, seem to feel more at home, and know where their things are – not only clothes but also toys.  Now I provide more for them, since they have clothing that stays with us as well as favorite clothing that they take home.

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