KCW Summer 2016


The summer is already upon us… And with it means a new season of Kid’s Clothes Week! Summer is a time when the party seems to go on forever. The night almost never ends. Things around the house are usually more laid back then normal. And with kids home from school, there’s always a party going on in our backyards. This season’s theme reflects that…. Celebration!


Another reason for this season’s theme is for celebrating new beginnings. This marks my first official Kid’s Clothes Week as your ‘host’! And I can’t be more excited, yet nervous, to be on this ride! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Julie, and I run Our Chez Nous. I learned to love sewing thanks to this community. I fell upon certain blogs that were at that point and time participating in KCW (back when it was still on Flicker) and I couldn’t get it out of me head. I started seeing what sewing could really be. And the rest, well it’s history… Because now I’m hooked 😉


And finally… Let’s celebrate endings! This season marks the closing of a chapter for Meg and Dorie. Without them, this community would not be what it is today! They’ve helped foster our creativity by helping us share with one another what we make and what we love. They’ve created a slice of the web that we can turn to to find inspiration! If that’s not something to celebrate… I’m not sure what is!!! And if there’s one thing that I need to say, is that I hope I can make them (and you!) proud!!!


So let’s celebrate!!! Let’s party until the dawn rises… Let’s pull out our sewing machines and show what we can make! Let’s stand together and get this party rocking!


Make sure to head over and sign up for the upcoming season and if you’re interested in contributing please fill out this form.

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    Apparently I signed up at an earlier date, but the website will not send me an email to set up a new password.  

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