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I don’t know if there is only one reason why I love so much sewing. In my personal experience, it was the influence of many factors.

First of all, as many of you, in my family I had really talented knitters and seamstress: I grew up watching my mom having always a project in her hands, she was always creating something; my grandma and my aunt were both seamstress for living, my other grandma was an exquisite knitter.

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Second, when I have left my work and became a fist time mom, I felt the need to challenge myself other that taking care of the baby. I was living in New York at the time and sewing blogs were really popular, so I have started reading them and getting passionate about. It was a natural step to start sewing and blogging about it.


So in the last 5 years, sewing has become a constant in my life, a hobby, a life style.

Sewing (and my kids) teaches me to be patient, to learn to wait, to learn to not be afraid to make a mistake and start all over again. I am not surprised that a lot of sewers I know are also moms. Motherhood and sewing have a lot in common. Sometimes one “steals” the time to the other, but together they make the balance.


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