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April 2018


KCW day 6

It’s day 6!!! How are we already into the weekend?! We’re still having some difficulty with the community pool and new users and I have my fingers crossed that it will be back up soon. But we’ll see how it goes. Either way, are you still getting your hour in? I realized the other day that the kids have more or less outgrown all their basic patterns, so I spent quick a bit of my hours reprinting and taping basics.



Now that I’ve finished printing a fresh set of tee sizes. I used those up to make this guy some batman tees. I’ve hoarded these panels for a few months now (I can’t remember exactly when, but they were from a preorder round at TKBPrints). But he’s always wanted these tees and the panels were starting to get small, so it was good timing on using them up. The solid I used was a black jersey from imagine gnats.




I used the safari raglan by Titchy Threads in a size 7. The panels were a bit too short for the size 7, so I used the hem band from the rowan tee (also from Titchy Threads) to make the length work. The fit is a bit wide on him, but that was because I decided not to lengthen a narrower size and just cut out a straight 7, instead of say, a size 6 width with a 7 length.




I spent one day cutting out the fabrics, since I batch cut a couple of tees for him, and spent an hour sewing two of those tees. It was a nice quick sew and so far this week has been filled with quick, easy projects. It’s really helped to make me feel inspired and motivated to do more sewing!



Plus, the reaction I’ve gotten when making things like this is exactly why I love sewing. I placed them somewhere he would see as soon as he got home from school yesterday and he was so thrilled!! The boy loves anything batman related 😉


How is your week going? How do you plan on doing the weekend? I tried cutting out some stuff ahead of time yesterday but just trying to figure out when I’ll get my hour in.


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KCW day 2

Today was day 2! How are you feeling so far? Surprisingly I’m on a bit of a role, and made the oldest a new dress in about an hour. These fast projects are just what I like to give me the feeling of being accomplished. After all, the idea is to sew an hour a day for your kids. And sometimes, when a project takes longer then an hour, it’s tough to see the end of the road.




For this project I decided to use a soft double brushed poly and make it into a cozy hi-lo dress. This particular print is not longer available but this fabric is so soft and gives such a nice lightweight drape that I’d definitely recommend it for some summer sewing.




I used the groove dress pattern by MadeIt Patterns and cut out a size 6 with the size 10 length. And because this girl has had a fascination lately with dresses that ‘follow’ her as she walks I decided to go with the hi-lo option. This dress has great twirl factor. It was thoroughly tested as soon as she tried it on. And even without the twirl it still really nicely on her.




How are your projects coming along for the week? I still need to get to the boys now, even I’m definitely not sure what I’m making yet for them… Meanwhile, make sure you share your projects with us!


ETA: We’re currently having issues with the community pool and can’t share todays projects that were added. We’re working our butts off to get it up for tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, share your projects on social medial with the hashtag #kidsclothesweek or you can email me ( your projects and I can share them on the blog!


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KCW day 1

It’s day 1! Which means it’s time to start sewing. What sorts of plans have you made for this season?  Or are you like me and winging it a bit?! Every time I make plans, I always get either overwhelmed or sidetracked. So this season, I’ve come up with a goal, to make one piece of clothing for each of my kids. With that said, I spent day 1 working on a project I cut out a little over a month ago. It was refreshing both to get it off my sewing table/queue and to finally sew something for the youngest!



I sewed up a geranium dress in a size 18-24m and I added about 2″ to the length. I used an double gauze (Echino I think?!) fabric that I grabbed from the imagine gnats shop, although it’s no longer available, there are some great prints and even solids that would also make great variations of this pattern.



Instead of doing buttons up the back (because I was trying to wrap this up before school pickup this afternoon), I tested out my kamsnaps kit that I purchased last year. I’ve been meaning to try out snaps for a while and just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. But I’m glad I took the plunge today, because it’s a lot less scary then I thought it would be.

spring day 1


And now… make sure you share your makes in the project pool! Here are a couple of the projects that popped up today. Can you tell I love blue?!? Having looked at these projects, I think I’ll go through my stash to pull out some blue fabric for my own next project 😉

happy sewing!

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