Kitty Millie Dress

I feel like all of a sudden I’m sewing a bunch of dresses for this little one! I never thought she’d be very girlie, she always seemed to be more a tomboy then anything. Always preferring to play with her brothers and hanging out in the hockey change room. But lately, she’s playing more with her sister and choosing things that have twirl.




I’ve had this Lizzie House catnap print for ages!!! Hoarding it for I’m not too sure which project, but knowing it would need to be something that would be loved! Since this little one is really into dresses these days, I figure I could finally test out that Millie Dress pattern that has been a constant on my instagram feed.




I went with the size 2 for her, but I could have easily made a size larger (knits are so forgiving!) or added a bit of length since it sits right at the knees on her. Regardless, it fits her very well and I love the flounce detail on her. The pattern itself was a very simple sew and would work great if you’re a beginner looking to up your game. It’s not complicated at all! I would just suggest to make sure to mark your bodice pieces well once you’ve cut into it for the flounce, but this is already in the instructions. So if you follow those you’re fine, but if you’re like me and like to glance at the diagrams rather then read throughly then just make a quick note of it 😉




As you can clearly see in these pictures, she loves this dress. I finished it during the day time and she was so convinced she’d wear it immediately that I couldn’t stop her from putting it on (seriously, she tried putting it over her clothes until she realized that wouldn’t work and started to undress herself! I’m glad she loves it since this will definitely fill a hole in her mini wardrobe that she has.




Next up for this girl will be shorts and tees. Something I don’t think I’ve ever really sewn for her 🙊 I know right?!? What are you favourite toddler girl shorts patterns? I’m curious to see what you guys have made, I think I may make her some clover shorts… or mini hudsons capris.

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  • Reply Tam Tam May 30, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Such a lovely dress!! My favourite shorts patterns are the Pixie shorts and Treeclimber pantaloons by Twig+Tale and the Graphite trousers/shorts by Made by Toya 🙂

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