swimsuit-a-thon : abstract

I’ll say this again, but it’ll never be enough. Swimsuits are so FUN to sew! This is far from the first swimsuit I’ve sewn for this girl, yet it always amazes me how much better a handmade swimsuit fits her!




It’s not that she’s exactly tall for her age, but she’s tall when you compare her chest to height measurements… What this means is that when I buy her a swimsuit from the store, I usually have to size down from the clothing that she usually wears so that the swimsuit doesn’t just ‘hang’ on her and sit weird or worse, once it’s wet completely sags. But by sizing now, now we have less length, which then creates problems in either bum coverage (too cheeky!) or the straps are too tight or worse, we have BOTH happening at once. Which is why I love to make her swimsuits, I can get rid of all those problems!




Here’s a quick breakdown of how I adjust a swimsuit pattern to accommodate her chest and length. I again opted for my go to basic pattern (view C of the cosi swimsuit by sewpony). Her measurements fall like this, size 7 chest, waist and hips with a size 10 height, so to accommodate this I cut out the size 7 width, and once I got to the top portion of the bodice pieces I extended my cut line up to the size 10 and just cut across to the fold them from there.


Another way (or more like a proper way) of adjusting for height would be to measure the distance between the size 7 and 10, cut your pattern out like you would for a size 7 and then cut about midpoint and insert a piece of paper to extend the size to your desired length. Here is a great post by Oliver + S about doing this process for just about any type of garment sewing.




As you can see in the above pictures, now that she’s had length added her swimsuit has great coverage and will also last out the season (always a fear of mine when I get her store-bought). You can see in these pictures that the fabric bunches up in her back a little, so I did add a bit too much length in the end, but at least it will fit her throughout the year! Another thing I’m chalking that up to is I think because of the curve of her back, I’ll have to adjust the actual back bodice piece a bit and take out a little bit of material from the side seam by adjusting the curve of the pattern, which really isn’t that big a deal, just tweaking.


The print I used for this swimsuit is this abstract from Spandex World. I actually cut it in the wrong direction, not even realizing it because that’s the great thing about spandex (and swimsuit fabric), you have a fabric that has the same amount of stretch both ways! So happy little mistakes like that can actually create an even more unique finished project. I also love the colour of this fabric, it’s girly like her, but not too girly or young looking and gives her a bit more of a tween look (I can’t believe I even said tween!!!!).




She absolutely loves this swimsuit and so do I! The fabric is fun and most importantly, the fit is right.

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