swimsuit-a-thon : mermaid twinsie 1/2

I’ve finished off another one of the many swimsuits I promised the girls I would make this summer! This one is part of a twinsie set that the oldest requested to match with the youngest. I think it’s adorable that even though there’s a pretty massive age gape, those two are still very close to each other. And it’s so sweet to see their personality together. At times J even looks for comfort from A rather then me, it’s almost like she’s a second mother, but in a good way lol. 



So when I was looking for swimsuit fabric I did ask A for her opinion on what she’d like. And as we were scrolling through the site she spotted this ‘mermaid’ fabric and proclaimed that it needed to be a twinsie swimsuit immediately!!!! I of course had seen a few versions of projects made with this type of scales before (these leggings by Made by Toya and a cosplay costume made by Ari to which I can’t find the original link anymore). Either way, as soon as she said she wanted them I definitely jumped on board!!! It wasn’t a hard sell 😉




The first swimsuit sewn with it is for J. I used a vintage Jalie Pattern, similar to this one here but with a bikini option, that my grandmother gave me when I visited last month. Bonus score for the fact that her size was already traced out and ready to cut!!! I sewed up the smallest size (a size 2). And next time I’ll make some adjustments to the bottom piece to tapper the waist in a bit and to shorten the elastic up a bit. But other then that, it fits her great!




Now you’re looking at her probably thinking she doesn’t look all that happy?!? You’d be right! She actually hates this swimsuit, not because of how it looks or because of fit. She actually couldn’t wait to put it on and tried to wear it over her clothes! But once we tried it on without clothes underneath, you know, the regular way to wear a swimsuit… she had an absolute fit! You could see her belly button!!!!! Try as she might, either by pulling the bottoms up as high as they could go or by pulling the top down as low as possible, it won’t cover and she won’t wear it.




If anything, I’d like to consider this a test into bikini sewing, which the girls have actually never worn before. I’ll probably wind up making her a one piece to go with it and this will become a spare, or maybe even make a rash guard to go with the bottom. Who knows?!? But if anything, now I know I can’t make her something that shows her bellybutton….

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  • Reply Lightning McStitch July 14, 2018 at 6:55 am

    Aren’t they tricky little critters. My daughter was desperate for a bikini for so long and would gather her rashie into a knot in order to get her belly button out and on show!
    You’ve made a gorgeous little swimsuit and don’t throw it out just yet because tomorrow is a completely different day with a toddler!

  • Reply Nicole January 30, 2019 at 7:27 am

    Aint she the cutest little human..I agree with her, it would look amazing on her if the bottom was high waisted.

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