swimsuit-a-thon : mermaid twinsie 2/2

Oh heyyyyy!!! It’s been a while hasn’t it?!? I can’t believe summer is over. I’m still in slight shock, even though I’m currently looking out my window and theres a few inches of snow and it’s -5C or so outside. Time this fall seemed to have hit the fast forward button and it’s been a blur 😳 But enough about that… let’s get to the point here! I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging indefinitely on this swimsuit! The matching one to the munchkin’s mermaid bikini.




I used the same mermaid fabric as the previous swimsuit, a Kelly green fish scale print that doesn’t seem to be available anymore (although there’s lots more colour options) from Spandex World. This fabric works super great for swimsuits and has hold up really well over the multiple use and washings.




For the pattern I opted to use this fun Camila Swimsuit pattern by Made for Mermaids. A typically likes to wear one piece swimsuits over bikinis and I tried to find something a bit more fun and tween appropriate for this one. This is the first time I’ve sewn something from this designer and I was not disappointed! I’ve seen her stuff pop up on my feed quite a bit in the past year or two and have never tried anything until this summer! Now I’m definitely game to try a few more patterns. This one is also part of the Mermaid Shores Collection and I’m definitely intrigued in trying a few more next summer!




Now for pattern details, this sewed up super easily! And even includes instructions on blending sizes!!! Which I don’t often see but totally appreciate since I usually have to blend in between sizes for height and chest (and now hip) measurements. I tried not to do too much blending, but I did add a bit of height on this one. Now since I can’t find my sewing notes I’m going off of my memory but I believe I went up to a size 7 or 8 for height and I sewed up the size 6 width wise.




You can see on this picture that it’s actually a bit long in the back, so I probably didn’t need to go up in sizing so much,  but I’m appreciating the fact that this will become a swimsuit that will fit her for more then just one summer! Which has become a key thing around here since we tend to be in or around the water a lot.




With that being all said… I’m now ready to move on to more winter appropriate sewing. I’ve got a nice jacket on my mind and maybe try to sew up some Christmas pyjamas this year?!? I mean really, I have to start thinking about it now since time is flying by!

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