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elsa grow with me pyjamas pattern review

Pyjama sewing… it’s one of those sewing tasks I keep putting off for some odd reason, even though I know everyone needs new PJs and that they’re usually my most worn makes. I usually try to make them to suit their personality or to be fun and quirky. In my mind, just because no one outside the house really sees them doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be fun, and I think I tend to go a little bit extra for that reason. I know that probably doesn’t make too much sense but it’s just how my mind works sometimes.

So this girl has been obsessing over Frozen for about a month or so now. The DVD has been residing in my car and it’s been on constant replay when we’ve been driving to out of town games or whenever we’ve needed to run around and be in there for more then 20 minutes. Probably not the best thing for her, but it helps to keep both of us sane!

And a few weeks ago, I came across an ad in one of the local buy and sell groups I’m in on facebook selling a variety of fabrics. I scanned through it, found a couple of prints that I liked and set up a time to go meet. I can’t remember if this print was actually in the picture or not, but it definitely caught my eye when I got there!! Normally I don’t use character prints, they’re nice, but I just don’t love using them in my own makes, so I tend to steer clear of them. But I knew that the Elsa phase wouldn’t last long and I couldn’t resist it, plus it’s really rare to find knit character prints where I live!

As soon as I pulled the fabrics out of my bag this one shrieked and ran off with my yardage! She couldn’t be happier! So now I had a dilemma…. What do I make with it? Since I don’t usually do character specific prints, I wasn’t sure if a tee with Elsa’s face all over it was appropriate or too kitschy. That night, as I was browsing facebook I saw a post from someone looking for a free pyjama pattern. And then I thought… well why not?!? She’s in need of pyjamas, and really nobody will care if Elsa is legitimately covering her entire body at bedtime!

So I downloaded the Grow with me Pajama by Ellie and Mac, and cut out the size 3. I went off her height measurements rather then her chest and waist this time, since I wanted them to fit her for a while. The fit is actually really good on her! They’re a little loose all over, which is fine, since she’ll grow into them. And thanks to the ‘grow with me’ cuffs that are included in the pattern, she has lots of length in the arms and legs, so they should fit her for a good while! Not sure why the cuffs look so short on her arms in these pictures, but they’ve definitely got good length on them!

You can see in this picture, that the grow with me cuffs are a bit bunched up around her ankles, which is good! I could probably fold them over so that they don’t do that, but I’m not to particular on it. I also went with the front ruffle option to give it a little bit of detail and not be so overwhelmingly ‘Elsa’.

I used a Robert Kaufman royal blue jersey for the accent colours. I originally purchased this from imagine gnats but they don’t seem to have it in stock right now but I have found it here. I’ve also found the Elsa fabric online for you guys at Spool Monkey.

For a free pattern, it’s an amazing option! I would definitely recommend it! It’s a great beginner friendly pattern, with clear step by step instructions, especially if you’re new to sewing with knits! The way I attached the elastic waistband was a new technique for me, more because I’ve always chosen to do it the way I knew then to try doing it this way… but it was well worth trying!! I feel like it’s a really clean way of finishing it off. So I’ll definitely be doing it again. The pattern also includes a couple more views that I’d like to try, including a faux placket and a nightgown option. So there’s lot of possibilities if you’re looking for something versatile.

This was also a really fast sew, maybe a bit more then an hour?! So this would be a great option if you plan on making pyjamas during the next challenge. Which in my case, the boys all need new pyjamas so I might be making them a few!!!

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