mini me made may: week one

It’s finally here!! If you’re new here or want the recap, Mini Me Made May is a challenge that ties in with Me Made May, but it’s all about the kids instead. The challenge is open to anyone and everyone and it’s up to you how you interpret, but the idea is that your kids wear handmade items throughout the month of May. For instance, I, Julie, has tried to pledge at least one handmade item on one child each day for the month of May.

We’ll be sharing how we’re doing at the end of each week with a collaborative wrap up post, and today’s the day for the first post!


As previously mentioned, my goal was to have one handmade item worn on at least one child each of day of the month. We’ve hit the 5 days each and every time with these Elsa pyjamas, a pattern from Ellie and Mac. The youngest also wore her waterfall raglan with a RTW jean and my oldest son wore a too small for him Chewbacca rowan tee

One of my goals this month is to see where I need to focus my attention on for makes. And I’ve realized that pants are definitely at the top of my priority list!!


I only snagged one photo of my kiddos in memade this week, but this has to be one of my favorite pieces I made during the fall! Shwin Design’s Ringo Raglan sized up to give plenty of room to grow (and I’ve always been a fan of a slouchy pullover anyways). The heavy sweatshirt knit I used has more than enough stretch which allowed me to use a woven fabric scrap for the front panel. This is definitely a project I’ll be revisiting for fall sewing since the two I made has proven to be very versatile and a good use for large woven scraps.


My three youngest have closets full of handmades and my hopeful goal was that at least one of them would pick a mama-made piece each day this month. We started off day one with all three of them reaching for handmades- win, win!! My oldest daughter loves her Peony Leggings from Sew Like My Mom, my son wore a Constance Sweater from Sew A Little Seam, and my other daughter chose a Love Notions outfit, a Lil LDT top paired with Leggins. Day Two my youngest wore a modified La Bella Donna from Love Notions for dance. Day Three (and also Day Four to be honest, lol) my little guy wore his Fighter Tee from Handmade Boy. My daughter pulled out an old City Park Tee from Hey June for day 4. With Day five falling on Sunday my girls almost always wear mama-made dresses to church each week, this time they were the Modkid Sage and the Love Notions Dolce dresses. The biggest challenge this week has been to get pictures each day so I’m crossing my fingers my little models are up for this all month!

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