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september dress in double gauze pattern review

Oh my goodness, I have recently fallen in love with yet another amazing fabric… Double Gauze!! I am sure some of you may be able to relate to what I am about to say, and for those of you who cannot relate to this, just promise me you won’t judge 🙂

I have a moderate fabric stash, but I recently put myself on a mini-fabric buying freeze in an attempt to focus on sewing items from my fabric stash. You see, I tend to buy fabric on impulse either because it is a great price or because the design is so amazing that I cannot pass it up. However, it seems I can buy fabric much faster than I can sew it.

The other day while tending to my fabric stash I came across this amazing navy, polka-dot double gauze that I had gotten Imagine Gnats Fabric a few years ago. I had never sewn with double gauze and I was a little intimidated. However, in an attempt to sew my stash, I decided to it was time to take the plunge and cut into the fabric.

I only had 1 yard of the fabric, so I decided to make a dress for my 4 year old’s upcoming preschool graduation.

I dug deep into my pattern library and decided to try the September Dress by Too Sweets Pattern. I bought this pattern in 2013 when it was released and I had yet to sew it. I did have to get a little creative when cutting out the pattern since I only had 1 yard of fabric and the pattern calls for 1.5 yards. I ended up cutting the skirt in 3 pieces and shortened the arm ruffles. But it worked 🙂

For the most part the pattern went together smoothly, and I am absolutely in love with the end result. I think the back button placket is my favorite detail.

Next time I sew the September Dress I will adjust the back placket construction, but that is a personal preference. However, I do want to say that this is a great beginner pattern. The steps are very straightforward and I think it would be very easy for a beginner sewist to construct. The dolman sleeves and the simple button placket make for a great beginner level pattern.

Now its time to talk about the fabric!

Like I mentioned earlier, this was my first experience working with Double Gauze and I loved it. The fabric was quite soft and airy. It made for the perfect summer dress.

I would also like to add that I made the dress just a few hours before my daughter’s preschool graduation. It went straight from my machine, to her body. She wore this dress for over 6 hours before I took these pictures. Although you will see that there are some wrinkles, I am still very happy with how it looks after a full day of wear. Combine that with the light airiness of the fabric, I think I may have found my new favorite woven fabric for my kids’ summer dresses. Double Gauze all summer long!

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