spring 2019 challenge: day 1

It’s Monday, and quite possibly the only Monday I’m ever excited about… why… Because it’s day 1 of the KCW spring challenge!!!! If you’re new here and have never heard of the Kid’s Clothes Week challenge, here are some quick details. The challenge is simple, to set aside 1 hour a day for 7 days to use to sew for your kids. See? Super simple! This challenge season we’re keeping it low key and just using the hashtag #kidsclothesweek .

This season I’m really hoping to focus my attention more on my older kids. If #minimemademay has made me realize anything… it’s that I’ve neglected my older kids in the past year or two when it comes to making them things! They have hardly anything that fits them that I’ve made them at this point, and I’m hoping to rectify that!

As with most of you, Monday is usually a prep day for me. I try to sew something if I still have the time but that’s if I’m lucky. I did try to do a prep throughout the weekend for this season though since today is actually a holiday for us and everyone is home. But not as much as I’d hoped for. So here’s a few things (pictured above) I’m hoping to sew up that I’ve gotten prep or at least pulled out and set aside for this week.

Top left: OK… I said I was going to focus on the older kids but I’ve had this flower super hero tee I’ve been wanting to sew up for Josie sitting on my sewing table for two weeks. Hoping to bang that one out quickly! I’ll be using the safari raglan pattern for this one.

Top right: Either a raglan with a white base or just a plain tee that I’ll make for Caleb, but I’ll spice it up with an iron on transfer. Still debating on if it’ll have a skateboard or a hockey ‘theme’.

Bottom left: This one will be a flashback skinny tee for my superhero loving Logan. If I have enough, I might try to also get some pyjama bottoms out of it and sew up a coordinating shirt… that’s still up in the air though.

Bottom right: And finally… the ‘famous’ unicorn fabric (in my house at least). Both girls are fighting over this fabric claiming it as theirs and I only bought one yard. I’m hoping to make Amber an altitude pullover and I might try to squeeze out a front zip hoody for Josie (possibly a hatteras?!? or maybe a zip crew?), the second sweater will definitely depend on how much fabric I have left over and if I need to order some though.

Alright.. well I think that’s a good start. Hopefully I can get all those done and then I might think of adding some other projects. What about you guys? What are your plans for the week? A few simple projects? One big one? Let us know!!

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  • Reply whosewever May 20, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    Because I’m in the southern hemisphere, I’ve gotten quite a bit of sewing done for the week already. I just need to buy some snaps to finish off the baby set so I can take photos. That will have to wait for tomorrow. 🙁

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