spring 2019 challenge: day 2

Good morning!! As you’ve noticed, the day 2 post is coming at you at little late. It was definitely a crazy day 2 around our own house yesterday, but I still managed to get my hour of sewing in. I just had to break it down into two smaller chunks to make it work and wound up finishing late last night.

Let me just say this though before I get into the sewing details, it’s not always easy to get that hour in, I hear you and I get you! But an hour isn’t that much time in your day either, so committing yourself to achieve it even if it’s in smaller chunks (say 45 minutes here, 15 there…. or 30 and 30 minutes), will still get you to your goals!! And it’s worth it at the end of the week to be able to look back and say, yes, I did it!!!! 😀

Now on to some sewing!!! Yesterday turned out to be (as I mentioned) pretty crazy, and I reallllllly needed a quick and satisfying sew. So I opted to sew up this Avengers tee for Logan. This guy loves his superheroes and can tell you the different between Marvel vs DC, but he still loves both. I found this fabric through FB marketplace and can’t really seem to find it online (I’ve linked it but it’s sold out). But as soon as I showed him his eyes light right up and he asked me for multiple things out of it. I only had 1 yard though so I knew I had to ‘make it count’.

He’s in dire need of some new tees. So I opted to go that route. Since I wanted a quick sew, I went with my tried and true Flashback Skinny Tee. This guy likes a slimmer fit tee! And I love how they look on him, but they’re so hard to find store bought.

Based on his measurements, I sewed up a size 7/8 and then I added about 2 inches to the length, just to be on the safe side (since his height measurements put him more into the 9/10. I probably should have just added an inch rather then two sine it’s a bit long on him now, but you don’t even notice it. Plus he seems to have sprouted right up and has a tall chest/frame these days!

I’m really happy with how this tee turned out on him. I was a bit worried it was really busy pattern wise, and debated putting a small chest pocket in a black fabric to contrast it a bit and tone it down. But I actually really love how it came together! And best of all was the reaction I got from him when I handed it over. He wore it to bed last night and to school this morning… if that’s not a win I don’t know what is!

So what about you guys? How’s your week going so far? How are you finding time for your hour?

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