flowery lotte tunic

I recently found a new fabric pre-order group on facebook about a month ago. And I’ve fallen in love with the designs she’s been coming up with! I love a good quirky print just as much as I love a fun more traditional print that I can pair with anything, and Mimi’s Custom Fabrics includes both. Which works brilliantly for me!!

I sewed up her bity floral‘s print (this one is in a bamboo blend, but it’s being offered on cotton/lycra) this past week and couldn’t be happier with the print quality! It pairs well with a multitude of colours, including this eggplant double gauze that I used as a coordinating colour for this dress. I find it really makes the purple and pink flowers of the print pop!

We were a ‘wee’ bit moody when we were taking this pictures, so prepare yourself for a grouchy girl haha. For this piece, I sewed up the Lotte Dress by Misusu Patterns. I sewed up the tunic option, without the pockets, in a size 3/4.

I made (knowingly) a few mistakes on this pattern, primarily with the bias tape/binding. I didn’t have enough of the double gauze left to cut it on the bias, so I opted to just cut it and fake it, which as you can see around the neckline didn’t work out in my favour. The keyhole portion turned out ok, but the neckline wound up getting some puckering around the entire front neckline, and a little bit at the back… so this is your lesson, always cut on the bias!!!

This tunic has a super cute hi-lo feature to it, which I really loved from the get go! With the tunic length you could easily pair it with leggings, although we paired it here with some skinny jeans, and it would be super cute! I’m actually really looking forward to trying the top version for her back to school wardrobe.

Admittedly, I didn’t love the instruction for this pattern, I didn’t find them very clear when it came to defining which pieces you’re working with until the halfway point/when you get to the sleeves/armholes. I think the pattern could definitely benefit from some further instructions or more precise instructions there. But if you read through it and are experienced, this shouldn’t be a problem for you, and after all, this is marked as an intermediate skill level pattern.

For this version, I opted to sew up the size 3/4, which in hindsight I should have went with the 2/3 and added the length to it instead. It is meant to be a flowy pattern, but I find it’s a little wide on her tiny frame on her shoulders, the rest though is perfect. The one thing I did really love about this pattern was the sleeves, they’re doubled and you wind up with a really neatly finished armscye seam, which I totally appreciate!

I will definitely be sewing up another version of this pattern, and I will also definitely be adding a few more of these prints from Mimi’s to my wishlist! She’s got that banana print that we shared in our banana trend post at the beginning of last month.

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