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Why I Sew : Amy

Growing up I was lucky enough to live between two dressmakers. One made gowns and sometimes our halloween costumes, and another used to set me up with a jar of buttons and needle and thread. And my mom sewed… a lot. She made some of her clothes and lots of ours… and years of halloween costumes. I always loved making things. In high school I would hack together circle skirts and costumes. But I didn’t really get into sewing until my late 20s. I was living in Boston and started taking continuing ed sewing class at the local high school.

Then I started making Halloween costumes for my niece and some other kids. And the costume making is really my favorite thing. When it’s costume time nothing else happens. I would draft my own patterns and just really wing it. My oldest niece is 13 now and I don’t think I’ve missed a halloween yet.

Then when the wee lad was a baby we moved out of Brooklyn, NY. I had more space and more time… I started reading sewing blogs and stumbled onto Kids Clothes Week. Here were a bunch of people making clothes for their kids and I was like WOW! I can do this! I was also excited to have more control over his clothes. I wanted bright, more gender neutral patterns and colors and making them allows me to really customize everything. There is very little ready-to-wear in his wardrobe.

I will admit that some of the first things I made are not holding up to well, but I’m still proud of them. And I’m so grateful for the KCW community and the sewing friends all over the world that cheer me on.

Making stuff really helps me feel sane. I don’t have as much design work as I used to and are not making as many books. Sewing has become my easy outlet.

I don’t blog much, but you can find me on Instagram.


Swim Party

Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m really excited to be a contributor for this season of Kids Clothes Week. I sometimes blog at x-ing made  but mostly I post to my Instagram feed while I’m sewing for my boys (4 & 1). I started participating in KCW when my oldest was a baby and admire all the others out there sewing for kids.

As a kid I loved watching old beach party movies with my sisters. I really loved all the dancing, and ALL the style. I’ve pulled together some inspiration for you. Hope it helps you start your own Swim Party Celebration.

My boys are super fare so they spend the summer in long sleeve sunsuits and giant hats. But I would love to make them some retro swim trunks when they get a little older. Here’s swim suit inspiration for you.


Etsy / Zonen09 / Running with Scissors / Etsy

And for girls… love the polka dots and gingham.


Etsy / me sew crazy / Etsy / Etsy

These aren’t very retro… but we need to snuggle up at the end of fun day swimming with some ice cream.


Mamer / Made Everyday / Terry Rich / The Blue Closet

Sewing swimwear is easier than you think. I’ve made a couple of suits and always surprised at how forgiving it is and how polished it looks when it’s done. Hope you give it a try.