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sewing for easter: a bunny cheong sam

Happy Easter !

Easter day is always associated with bunnies. My girl, N is obsessed with bunnies.

I bought this pretty fabric from Spotlight last December. Immediately, I knew what I will sew for N. A cheong sam sewn in this fabric is definitely the choice of dress she will be delighted.

Challenged myself to piping and mandarin collar

For this project, I tried out the binding, the mandarin collar and the hidden zip. It was quite a challenge for me as I have not done this for a while. Definitely some room for improvement. I followed the dress pattern from this site.

Managed to find a hidden zip with a matching colour for the fabric

After close to 3 days of sewing, cutting and sewing, finally the end product.

My worry about whether the fabric is suitable for an oriental dress has been eased when I saw the end product.

And N was a little shy to have the picture taken. Especially when I told her this post will be shared on a blog site. Reluctantly, she agreed to take a photo in this dress. Convincing her to take more photos in future will be a challenge for me.

A little camera shy for someone who is active and chirpy.
As a start, N wanted to try out some photos which she was more sedentary compared to her usual self.

Nonetheless, N was delighted to see her favourite woodland theme on the new dress. She asked if she could have some smores to go along. I figured sweet treats would be the way to go for more photos in future.

We created this equation for our smores. Especially for Easter.

More bunnies!! Sinful snacks as we dipped the cookies in thick melted chocolate. These beautiful things were gobbled up within minutes.

But who cares! Bunnies rule the world…. I meant our world.

Happy Easter!

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