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Why I Sew : Lindsy

My first sewing experiences date from when I was 18.  After I graduated from high school in 1996 in Belgium, I flew over to San Antonio in Texas to become an exchange student in Winston Churchill high for one year.  Because graduating over there had no extra value for me (when working in Belgium) I deceided to compose my own lesson package.  One of those lessons was Home Economics class with one trimester of sewing.  I liked it a lot.  I made a denim dungarees dress.

After that year I went to college and the sewing disappeared.  It took me 14 years to rediscover my passion with the sewing machine.  I was pregnant with Stan, my oldest son, and I wanted to make my own birth treats.  My mother in law helped me sew it all together.  The love for sewing was back. People  started asking me how I made those little bags.  I got tired of mailing them one by one and a blog seemed a good solution at the time. That was the start of my blogging life.


tassen hoezen zakjes

Since then sewing has changed my life. It has  given me satisfaction and self esteem in life.  It is such a great feeling creating something, making it your own. Every time I make something, I hang it up in our living room like an art piece and I just look at it (or touch it).


Sewing provides me with an intellectual challenge for example when I adjust or create my own patterns.





Sewing has changed my life socially.  Through my blog I met wonderful people, even good friends.  I can honestly say that sewing people are nice people.

I can resume that sewing has become a part of my life.  I can not see a life without it. It starts to define me.



Sewing is  not something that I do.  It is what I am!


Lindsy Van Espen



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Celebrating Summer

Hi Everybody

This is Lindsy again from Stannel.  I hope to inspire you with another view on the topic.

  1.  Summer!!

Summer reminds me of holidays!  They are so much fun.  Kids playing water games with balloons, drinking their mocktail with melons or pineapples while lying on their beachtowels, kids running around in their bathingsuits after they jumped in the swimmingpool,…  Life should be like that every single day, don’t you agree?  That’s why I chose fruity colors like Marta’s beautiful neon dress.  Noortje Prullemie shows us how to hack the Tinny dress from Straightgrain.  Melon, pineapple and cactus prints are a hype in Belgium.  How about where you live?




Beautiful Neon dress by Marta Do Guincho

Tinny Dress with a twist from Noortje Prullemie


Pineappel T-shirt from Sisko by Mieke

Lotta skirt and Simple Dress by Myminniemie


Amy Mees will talk to you about cool bathing suits but I could’t resist this one!

van jansen

Cosi swimsuit by Van Jansen


2)  Our differences are what make us the same

Our children grow up in difficult times.  On the one side they have all the luxury they desire with television, cell phones, tablets,  electic and sophysticated toys,…  On the other side there is so much pain and grief in the world.  My heart goes out to all the people and children who are suffering in any way because of war or terrorism.  It is so important to teach our children not to hate, not to discriminate other people whatever skincolor or religion they have. Let’s unite!  This is what ‘Kids Clothes Week’ stands for! We are bringing people together with our passion…sewing!



1.The Hoppe Jumpsuit by Straightgrain and 128  2. Zonen09 ‘Wolf’ top and pants  by Toertjes en Pateekes


Why not use different cultures in our sewing projects.  Let’s also celebrate our differences.  An indian lining on a coral colored coat, some beautiful African fabric combined with a maxi skirt and a kimono cardigan are just one of the many cultural influences we can bring to our sewing projects!


  1. Maxi Dress from Mingo and Grace
  2. Jacky coat from byevamaria
  3. Kika Kimono from Mevrouw maakt


I hope I gave you some creative ideas on using patterns, fabrics and styles.  You are more than welcome to visit my blog and feel free to leave a comment!




Lindsy Van Espen



Dressing for a Celebration

Hi KCW-lovers,

I am Lindsy from Stannel.  I am very excited to be a contributor for this summer edition.  I even performed a happy dance when I found out!  That brings us right to the theme of this edition: ‘Celebration’.  I hope to inspire you with my thoughts on this year’s theme!

When I was brainstorming on what ‘celebration’ could mean to me, I immediatly thought of the traditional big steps in life:  birth, wedding, birthday,…  I noticed that tulle fabric, lace and feathers are trending for girls this year. Katrien shows us a marvellous tulle dress.  The ideal dress for an elegant and beautiful bridesmaid/flowergirl.

I absolutely love the Bohemian style.  The combination of the white lace and the flower hairbands is just so adorable, as Griet shows us with her twins.

The ‘Once upon a party’ pattern from An is the perfect formal partydress pattern.  And look, even black is beautiful!


(From left to right)
1.  Katrien from Kaatjenaaisels 
2.  An from Ienemiene
3. Griet from Emma en Mona

And let us not forget the boys!! Boys can look both tough and fancy.  Sarah from Khadetjes combines a cool Star Wars print with a chique blazer. Boys can wear a gillet or a blazer like grown ups.  The Cisse and Theo pattern of Zonen09 combine with that perfectly.  Everything is possible!  When Julie asked me what style I like when dressing my kids, I had to admit that I don’t have one!  Children can get away with a combination of styles, prints and colors and they look awsome anyway.


(From left to right)
1. Sarah from Khadetjes
2. Lindsy from Stannel (up)
3. Gerlinde from Juffertje in het groen (under)

Celebration also means laughter and dance to me.  Let’s sew clothes that make our kids happy.  A beautiful Moiana coat (a new pattern from An from Straightgrain) in bright colors makes everyone happy, don’t you agree?  Summery colors, playful fabrics and garments where your children can play in!  My girl never walks.  She is always hopping around.  She just loves a twirling circle skirt, frulles on a dress flattering in the wind… Also boys can show their happiness in their clothes.  Marleen made a cute salopet for boys to play in.


(From left to right)
1. Sylvia from Lily and Woody (up)
2.  Evi from Bellevi (under)
3. Marleen van Myblou
4  Lies from Liesellove

This is my view on the theme for now.  I hope that I motivated you to start sewing for the next KCW.  Next time I am throwing in some water, glitter and glamour.

See you next time!


Lindsy xxx