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Perfect Summer Sew / Mini Ogden

The Mini Ogden Cami is one of the cute mini versions of grownup patterns by True Bias. It’s a perfect pattern for kicking off the Summer season with some quick and satisfyingly pretty sewing.

The pattern is available in sizes 2-10 as a PDF

We headed to our local fabric shop to choose some beautiful rayons for their tops. If you’ve seen Portlandia, you’ll understand me when I say that the dream of the 90’s is alive….

Between the sudden heatwave here, camera problems, and my younger daughter’s crucially chapped lips, I didn’t end up with a plethora of photos. But you get the idea.

The Ogden has a sweet subtle v-neck and spaghetti straps, and an elastic back helps it fit into their little chicken wings. Facing lines the top front half so there’s no bias binding needed for this project. I bought a yard but could have gotten away with just a half for each because I’m a pattern placement ninja.

There’s always at least one of these shots in my photo shoots. Runs in the family.

What are some of your favorite summertime kids patterns?


upcycled skort

Sometimes you can find the perfect way to marry the need to make something totally fun and custom, while also filling practical needs for your kids. I’m always on the lookout for fun tee shirts that I can make into a unique item, and a skort is a pretty perfect way to use one if you’re not in need of any kid tees at the moment!

It also happens to be a fast and easy project if you want to get some production line sewing done during a kids clothes week. AND there’s even better news. The pattern I used is free and good! Head to Hey June to grab the PDF

Now, a weird scary Metallica skirt might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but therein lies the beauty of the upcycle. My daughter loves weird scary things, but the likelihood of finding such things in her size at, say, Target is pretty low.

Like me as a kid, Violet doesn’t like to be held back from being wild and crazy by the fear that her underwear will get exposed to everyone. Even now I wear a pair of cut off leggings if I wear a skirt, just in case!

Seriously, that face! Those legs! Hahaha. She looks ready to rumble on our trip to the library……

Do you love to upcycle too? What are some of your favorite things to sew with found fabric?

dress up, spring

whimsical spring sewing

When the world is suddenly bursting into bloom and the forest is waking up, it feels like the perfect time to supply our little imaginative people with some dress up items…. (stay to the end to witness a make believe forest tragedy)

My oldest has always been a lover of woodland fairies, sprites, and all things that go with them. Sadly, being the oldest of 4, she isn’t often the child who gets the fun dress up items anymore.

So she was thrilled to be given these woodland sprite wings, sewn up with the Twig and Tale pattern in some Nani Iro double gauze I’d hoarded in my stash. This is so the perfect thing to wear in the gorgeous pacific northwest forests.

Funny enough, she remembered the skirt I’d sewn for her long ago in the same fabric and grabbed it for photos. It’s the Oliver and S swingset skirt, which is a major favorite of mine. It’s such a satisfying and high quality sew, and I’ve used it again and again.

In the honor of full disclosure, I’ll tell you that this pattern has such a beautiful outcome because it’s pretty involved. There’s nothing technically that complicated about it, and the instructions are stellar, but between all of the various layering and quilting steps, and how hard it is to wrestle the layers of thick interfaced fabrics under the presser foot (not to mention turning the wings right side out. omg I almost didn’t make it hahaha).

SO. If you were to use it during a KCWC, I’d recommend having all of your fabrics and interfacing ready and cut, and the instructions thoroughly read so you can come blazing out of the gate. Because you know there’s nothing worse than just having a pile of cut fabric to show for after an evening of work. We want shapes! We want the beginnings of real wearable stuff!

Really, it’s all worth it when your girl gasps and squeals and can’t wait to get into the thing you just swore a bunch over and accidentally stabbed yourself repeatedly to finish, right?

And now to illustrate that fairy wings are in fact super fun for imaginative play, I’ll close with a few shots of the random make believe game my kids started playing when they thought I was done taking photos. Apparently Clover was a woodland fairy in distress, being pursued by an evil madman sorcerer (her little sister).

The wizard discovers a deathly potion

Despite her very terribly chapped lips (or maybe because of them) she finds the strength to pursue and defeat the woodland fairy

And then pays her memory a moment of honor before zipping off to play on the playground

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