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kcw plans by jess from the sewing rabbit

KCW Plans: What I Plan to Sew

Hello KCW Readers, Jess Abbott here the Sewing Rabbit! It has been so much fun watching some of my team members post throughout the week and learning all about their fall nature inspiration. That piped peplum top pattern and tutorial by Jen was simply fabulous!

One of the things that makes KCW so great is the way it brings the entire sewing community together. There is no other time that our on-line community seems to get together purely for the love of sewing. Especially when it comes to sewing for our children, which is a particular passion of mine, and something that I believe rings true for many within our community. The banter back and forth between kids sewing bloggers, the mini rivalries that pop up, and the general good cheer is so contagious that it truly makes everyone want to join in on the fun!

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guest post by jen from the sewing rabbit team

Tutorial: Piped Peplum Top Pattern

Hi everyone! I’m Jen from the Sewing Rabbit Team, and co-author of the blog Eat. Sleep. Make. with my sister-in-law, Shannon.

Shannon and I love to share tutorials and DIY’s that range from sewing, parties, home decoration, recipes, and everything in between. A major part of that “in between” for me includes sewing for my children because, as I’m sure many of you can attest to, they grow entirely too fast. And that means they need new clothes entirely too often. I’m so glad Meg hosts KCW every year because I need that little extra kick in the pants to sit down and add to my kids’ wardrobe!

As part of the Sewing Rabbit’s Fall Collection, I created a Piped Peplum Top DIY…


Peplum tops. I can’t get enough of them! I love that they’re trending right now because it was the perfect excuse for me to make one for my girl in autumn colors. To tell you the truth, I made 4 of these tops for my daughter because I couldn’t stop myself after making one. Peplum tops are flattering on both adults and children, but my daughter is especially fond of this particular shirt because the peplum does a little twirl when she spins.

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palak from the sewing rabbit team

Inspiration: Fall’s Natural Colors in Fashion

Hello, everyone! I’m Palak from the Sewing Rabbit Team, author of the blog Make It Handmade and the brand new – a frugal sewing blog all about sewing on the cheap!

Fall is my favorite season. Living in the south, it’s a brief break between a searingly hot summer, and winter’s biting cold. It’s the time of year where the earth gets to show off it’s true colors before resting at the end of the year. (It also happens to be the time of year I met my husband!)

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