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KCW March 2017 – Roundup and Winner!

OK… I hear ya, it’s not technically day 7, it’s actually three days past our last day! And I’m pretty far behind on posting this. But I’m not going to let you hanging regardless! The last day was a busy one around our parts, and I tried to squeeze in my sewing, although not much got done, I did manage to snag my hour pretty late at night! Here’s some final inspiration from you guys that got added to the pool on the last day.

March 2017 day7 roundup1/2/3

And finally… Our giveaway winner!!! Congrats to Laura S., you’ve just won yourself your choice of4 patterns from our sponsor, Brindille and Twig! I’ll be sending you an email today regarding your prize 😉

586x248 (1)

That’s it for this season! I’m keeping it short and sweet for you guys today, but watch for a blog post in the near future announcing the dates for our next season! Happy sewing 🙂


KCW March 2017 – Day 6

Welcome to day 6!! Can we just stop right there for a second… how is it already day 6?! Time has been flying this week! I’ve been deep into my to-sew and fabric piles coming out with projects, that all have to be photographed still! I’m hoping the weekend will provide for that nice little break where I can finish things off and get pictures of everything. I’ll probably be looking for my hour later in the evenings though since we’ll also be doing some running around, what with a birthday party today and an outing to the city tomorrow.


march 2017 round up 2


Here is some inspiration to keep you going for the weekend 😉


March 2017 round up day6


There are so many cute projects popping up in the pool! Some have graphic fabrics and some are made of solids with fun details! Whatever your jam is, creating something that fit your kids personalities is probably the best feeling!


KCW March 2017 – Day 3

Welcome to day 3! Are you still getting your sew on? An hour isn’t too much when you look at the big picture that your day is, so try to snag that hour! Even if it’s after the kids’ bedtime 😉 I’ve been trying to get a few things finished up over here, but sometimes I feel like it takes me longer… Oh well, it’ll get there!


March 2017 Day3 round up


Meanwhile, have you been checking out what everyone else is making?! Rompers and overalls seem to have gotten popular all over again, and they’re not just for the little kids! Some fun geometric prints and silhouettes can make them for just about anybody! And tees, I can never get enough of a good tee… did you notice those green buttons on the one above?! There are endless possibilities to costume your tee!

Don’t forget to get your hour in today and share with us in the project pool! I can’t wait to see what you are all sewing!