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WILD THINGS: fur // kid's clothes week


Hi everyone!

It’s Diana again, from Miss Castelinhos. This week, Miranda already showed you how to play around with animal faces and bodies… So cute! Loved the shark teeth!… Today, I’m going to show how you can add (faux) fur to your kids outfits. You can make a full garment, or just add a small detail. I divided this theme into four categories: Fur vests, Fur detail, Fur accessories and Sherpa. Let’s do this! 😀

What better way to get started, then with a beautiful fur vest! You can never go wrong with a vest. Have fun with it… Add a hood or cap sleeves, make it reversible… Also, be bold and use a coloured fur. Let your imagination run WILD!


1. Faux fur vest; 2. Bunny vest; 3. Faux fur cropped jacket; 4. Curly fur vest; 5. Reversible faux fur vest; 6. Faux fur vest with a hood

If you think a fur vest is too warm for spring, why not do a little refashion! Add a fur trim to a plain hoodie and it will surely stand out. Besides, boys can wear fur, and this is a great way to do it! Instead, you can add a fury animal application to a sweater or t-shirt.


1. Faux fur hoodie refashion; 2. Vest with fur; 3. Amelie for boys

Accessories can be a great source of fun. You can add a small pom-pom to a beanie or hat. Or make a matching mother-daughter scarf, using animal shapes or plain fur. Turn those boring sneakers into the WILDest shoes in your kid’s closet!


1. Faux fur infinity scarf; 2. Removable fur lined high tops; 3. Faux fur pom-pom beanie; 4. Fox scarf

If you are not confortable using fur, Sherpa is a very good replacement. It’s not as warm, but just as stylish. Combine it with a floral print or pastel colours, for a trendy spring look. This fabric is so soft, it’s perfect for a baby sewing project, like a blanket or a bonnet. It also feels wonderful as a robe lining or a cozy cowl. But if you prefer sewing something unexpected,  try some leg warmers!


1. Leg warmers; 2. Cozy cowl; 3. Baby bonnet; 4. Kid’s Robe

Is fur something you like to sew with? Or have you never tried it? Why not give it a go… It will be fur-tastic!… Couldn’t resist! ;D





WILD THINGS from the arctic // kid's clothes week

WILD THINGS from the arctic

Hello everyone!

I’m Diana from Miss Castelinhos and I’m really excited to be here! This season’s theme is WILD THINGS… How fun is that?… And on this first post, I’m going to try inspire you on how to put together a cool outfit for your little wild thing… See what I did there?… Today we’re looking at, as you might have guessed from the title, WILD THINGS from the Arctic.

Polar Bear

The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is a carnivorous bear… Wait, this isn’t National Geographic!… So let’s talk color, texture, fabric and pattern.

The different shades of blue and the textures (the ripple effect, the snow, the fur) in this picture were so appealing to me, that I wanted to play around with the idea of a one color outfit.

Wild things_collage-01

1. Polar bear; 2. Outfit from IKKS AW14; 3. Outfit from D&G SS14; 4. Outfit from Popupshop AW13

All these outfits were chosen based on their structure and texture, and, of course, I couldn’t resist that adorable Polar Bear Sweater… It wouldn’t be a WILD THINGS post without some cute animal clothes!

Wild things_collage-06

1. Bookworm button-up by Blank Slate Patterns; 2. Alder skirt by Imagine Gnats; 3. Mulberry Tunic by Willow & Co; 4. Twisted trousers by Titchy Threads; 5. Reversible zippy hoodie by Kitschy Coo; 6. Mini Hudson pant by True Bias

These wonderful patterns, put together with the fabrics below, will turn any kid into the coolest cub around!

Wild things_collage-02


1. Metallic navy brocade; 2. Indigo denim from Robert Kaufman; 3. Chambray union stretch in indigo from Robert Kaufman; 4. Ponte knit bay blue from Team Spirit; 5. Clip dot boy from Michael Miller; 6. Polar bear from Mint Peony Designs

Emperor Penguin

Now, I know what you’re thinking… but the penguins are from the south pole… well done, you know more about penguins than I do, and if you didn’t know this little fact, you’re welcome!

But these birds are the perfect inspiration for a black and white outfit with a pop of color!

Wild things_collage-09

1. Emperor penguins; 2. Outfit from Émile et Ida; 3. Dress from Bob and Blossom; 4. Sweater from Mini Rodini SS14; 5. Outfit from Ona Saez Kids SS12

That bow tie pulls the whole outfit together and it’s so easy to make one! Just check out the patterns that follow.

Wild things_collage-05

1. Basic blazer by Blank Slate Patterns; 2. Bow tie by Delia Creates; 3. Anywhere dress by Andrea Pannell for Go To Patterns; 4. Rowan tee by Titchy Threads; 5. Clover shorts by Mouse House Creations for Willow & Co;6. Recess raglan by See Kate Sew

The herringbone penguin print is just perfect for the Rowan tee. And who doesn’t love a striped dress? I  know I do!

Wild things_collage-03


1. Double cloth cotton from Robert Kaufman ; 2. Jersey knit from Riley Blake; 3. Huddle of penguins from Andrea Lauren; 4. Herringbone penguin from Scrummy; 5. Cotton solid from Robert Kaufman; 6. Antarctica from Paper Plane

Snowy Owl

The most inspiring thing to me about the owl is it’s shape. It almost looks like it’s wearing a cape, to protect itself from the harsh cold weather. And those spotty feathers are absolutely beautiful!

Wild things_collage-07

1. Snowy owl;2. Poncho by Unicef for all children for H&M; 3. Outfit from Soft Gallery AW11; 4. One-piece from Petit Couture

I love capes, so my mind went straight to the Elm Poncho Raincoat, which is great… I know, I’ve made two!… And since it’s Spring here at Kid’s Clothes Week, why not start thinking about some fun swimsuits.

Wild things_collage-08

1. The Elm Poncho Raincoat by Petit a Petit + Family; 2.; Baby sunsuit by Made by Rae; 3. Side button sweater by Alexia Sotelo for The Sewing Rabbit; 4. Reversible bucket hat by Oliver + S; 5. Coco Cay colorblock tankini by Peekaboo Pattern Shop;

Wild things_collage-04

1. Comute by limo jersey; 2. Embossed Ponte de Roma knit; 3. Amalfi swim from Liberty London; 4. Poly lycra jersey knit; 5. Owls mustard; 6. Laminate owl fabric from Robert Kaufman

Thank you so much for joining me today. Hope you feel inspired!