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DISGUISE: hiding in plain sight

DISGUISE: hiding in plain sight

This season of Kid’s Clothes Week is all about DISGUISE, and there is no one better at disguises than the chameleon. The chameleon camouflages himself to match his surrounding, becoming nearly invisible in the landscape.


floral tank and pants by Glitter + Wit

You too can be a master of disguise by taking inspiration from the landscape around you.

Nature provides us with the ultimate inspiration…bright colours, deep greens, and bright whites. Different seasons will provide varying backdrops for you to disappear into.


1. Rio Dress by Peekaboo Pattern Shop 2. Pensacola Top by Three Penguins 3. Take One Dress by Kid Approved 4. Kitty muff by Helmojajaheheneita 

The urban landscape can also provide excellent opportunities for disguise.

kcwurbancolours1. Dear Prudence dress by Sew Pony 2. denim hoodie by Vera Luna 3. subtraction dress by Needle and Ted 4. Lazy Days Lounge Pants by Gracious Threads 

 Where are you going to hide?