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oct 2015: kcw colors inspiration

kcw oct 2015: color inspiration

Hi all! This is Jess [from gracious threads] here, sharing with you today some colour inspiration for your fall Kid’s Clothes Week sewing! {And yes, that is the correct spelling for colour, north of the 49th parallel anyways!}

Every season the Pantone Color Institute makes a prediction about which colours will be popular in the upcoming months. I’ve taken a few of the colours they chose for fall 2015, and created two colour palettes.

colour swatch-02

These outfits use some, or all, of the colours above:


1. suit and shorts from Milk Magazine 2. top and leggings by Persnickety 3. dress by Muku 

The next colour palette repeats the gray, but creates a whole different look with the blue and yellow.

colour swatch-01

I especially love this colour combination on boys, but it can work equally well for the girl in your life!


1. Sweater and cords from Milk Magazine 2. baby outfit from Kalinka Kid 3. Tee and jeans from Persnickety 

Finally, the Kid’s Clothes Week palette is just so perfect for fall that I found some inspirational outfits in these colours too:

colour swatch-03


1. coat and scarf from Vivi & Oli 2. bright summer outfits by Elias & Grace 3. orange and black striped tee from Zulily 

So which of these colours jump out at you? Any you plan to use in your KCW sewing?

kcw guest post by sanae from sanae ishida

winter inspiration: colors

Happy New Year, KCW readers! I hope you’ve had an auspicious beginning already and are getting geared up for the first ever KCW Winter! I’m Sanae, and I blather on about sewing and making stuff in general at my namesake blog here (I often wish I’d had the forethought to come up with a more memorable and sassy blog name, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that…). Kids Clothes Week is one of my favoritest events, and I’m thrilled to be guest posting here over the next few weeks and can’t wait to see what everyone stitches up.

My topic today is Color Inspiration. It’s a big topic and I was initially stymied on how to approach this. I am…how shall I put this? A neutral girl. If it falls into the greige category, I’m all over it. If it makes most people yawn, it makes me drool. My dream home would be all white with pops of grey and off-white. However, if you were to see my sewing projects (and my real-life home), there is a good amount of the rainbow represented, especially for the outfits I make for my little girl, so obviously I love me some color too.

2014 kcw winter color inspiration

I decided to try something a little different and focus on the colors I’d like to feature for my winter sewing and throw in some illustrations and inspiration links for good measure. Out of the millions of colors I could choose, I’ve selected 1) minty 2) orchid and 3) grey.

2014 kcw winter color inspiration


There’s this color range I can’t get enough of — somewhere between aqua and mint green, the hue of ice floes and succulents and glass softened and rounded from the to and fro of waves. It’s a cool wintry color, though it can easily shift into the freshness of spring. It signals cleanliness and crispness to me, and a sense of renewal. I also happen to have almost three yards of this color in a nice thin wool that I got on mega-sale, so I’m determined to use it up this winter. I scoured my Pinterest boards and found some lovely images depicting this color like this cool chevron floor, this sofa, this gorgeous bag, this cute pillow, and this stylish mug. (The pot of succulents I just painted from imagination)

2014 kcw winter color inspiration


You’ve heard about the new 2014 Pantone color of the year, right? Radiant Orchid. I discovered this while watching an episode of Project Runway All Stars in which the designers had to incorporate this feminine purplish-pink into their garments, just last week. It shouts girly, but I think it could be sophisticated too, depending on the cut of the garment. I like a more pink and less purple or magenta orchid myself, and I’ve been wanting to sew outfits with this gentle floral hue for my daughter K. Nothing frilly, mind, but something sweet with maybe a touch of edge (leather details? a touch of black?). I’ve always liked pinks and purples, but K went through a vehement anti-pink phase for a while there, and wouldn’t touch anything that even hinted at the color. But she’s coming around lately, and I’m looking forward to re-introducing pinks and purples and a mixture of the two during the coldest of seasons. Eye candy that inspired some of the illustrations above are this city, this tea canister, this shoe, these macarons.

2014 kcw winter color inspiration


I love grey so much that I should have named my daughter this color. My closet is fifty shades of grey (nothing even remotely risque, however) and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve added some grey detail here or there to a perfectly colorful garment I’ve made for K, just because I felt it was necessary. It’s very appropriate that I live in Seattle where the weather is what some might call depressing 9 months out of the year. I love it. Therefore, there is no season that I wouldn’t sew this color, and there will be a ton of grey clothes this winter, mark my words. I loved the grey(s) in this quilt, this ornament, this knitting project, and this house.

So these three colors will be my main palette for KCW winter. What about you? What are the colors that you’re naturally drawn to? Do you plan your sewing around colors or a certain color combination? And where do you find your color inspiration? I tend to notice furniture, ceramics, nature and paper goods, packaging and of course clothes and accessories. But really, color inspiration is everywhere.