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feb 2016 KCW contributors!

meet the february 2016 contributors

feb 2016 KCW contributors!

1.   Sarah 2. Karly 3. Jolanda 4.. Anne 

The new contributors are here! The new contributors are here! I love getting to work with a new group of women each season. Their energy and excitement make KCW feel like the best thing in the world! And whose to say it isn’t?

jolanda from jurken en shirtjes

1. jacket from a woolen blanket 2. busy, busy 3. totally zsazsa

First up is Jolanda from the Netherlands. Jolanda started her blog, Jurken en Shirtjes, two years ago, but she has been sewing her whole life. She writes in Dutch, but you don’t need to speak the language to see the gorgeous things she makes. Jolanda sews clothes for her three children and for herself as well!

karly from paisley roots

1. sew the show 2. sewing for kindergarten 3. you are my tornado 

Karly is our next contributor. You might know her from her popular blog, Paisley Roots. Karly is a force to be reckoned with! She has 5 kids and not only homeschools them all, but sews for them all too! Karly is a whirlwind of energy and ideas!

anne from sofilantjes

1. tinny returns 2. minons 3. the sweatdress 

Anne is a lawyer who also lives in the Netherlands. She is the mother of two beautiful little people and the owner of one pattern shop,  Sofilantjes Patterns. Anne taught herself how to draft patterns and now who has a shop full of amazing patterns that you can sew too. Obviously, there is not much that Anne cannot do:) 

sarah from sarah cosper textiles

1. pink puffer coat 2. supergirl and batgirl dress 3. fox banyan tee 

Last, but of course not least, is Sarah.  Sarah sews clothes for her two daughters and also makes beautiful, modern quilts. She loves to sew costumes (and we love when she does!).  Sarah said, “KCW was the biggest influence several years ago that encouraged me to take a chance and start sewing clothes for my kids. I hope we inspire you to do the same.” 

That seems like a good place to leave it:) These amazing women have so many wonderful ideas that they want to share with you. They will no doubt inspire you to sew this KCW season.


kcw: why I sew

why I Sew- Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts

Hi, Stacey here today to tell you about why I sew.  Honestly, this should really be titled, “Why Don’t I Sew” because I could probably ramble on for a book’s length about why I do sew.


 1.  Zippered Dragon Vest        2.  Schoolboy Vest        3.  Angry Bird Backpack          4.  Cowlneck Bimma Sweater

I started sewing to keep my creative juices flowing after an abrupt life change from full-time teacher to stay-at-home mom as an expat in a foreign country.  After having an entire school’s worth of teachers to interact with each day, as well as my own students, the stay-at-home life felt extremely isolating. In those first years of living overseas, it felt like my entire life revolved around wiping snotty noses, changing diapers, and meeting the demands of caring of a family.  Add the stress of a new culture and language and I was begging for a creative outlet.  Some thing that was wholly mine and sewing fit the bill.  


 1.  Prepster Pullover         2.  Bear Hoodie         3.  Hulk Inspired Convertible Pants            4.  Winter Wonderland Collection

Things are a little different now.  Now that two boys are off to school full time and one is in half day Kindergarten, I have a little more free time.  I still sew as a creative outlet but it also fills a burning desire to learn more and perfect the sewing skills I’ve acquired.  I love the act of taking a piece of fabric, designing a garment, and molding it into my own vision. There is something so affirming about creating a wearable garment.  I gain a feeling of accomplishment from each and every piece I finish and even more so when I come across something that’s been a challenge (aka; the seam ripper appeared a LOT.)


 1.  Bimma Sweater and Harem Pants         2.  Lillestoff Dragon Vest          3.  Dachshund Pajamas          4.  Inverted Triangle T-shirt

The contacts and friends I’ve made also drive my sewing.  It’s wonderful to have found a community of women with the same interests, whose own projects inspire me to continue pushing myself as a seamstress.   I add things to try to my list of things to sew every week- doubly so when it’s Kid’s Clothes Week.

Sewing is one of the great passions in my life.  It’s something that can break me out of a funk and always challenges me.  Sewing makes me happy and that, truly, is the most important reason I sew.

How about you?  Why do YOU sew?  Do you have trouble finding ready to wear clothing that fits well?  Do you sew for a sense of stress relief?  Do you sew for your business or because it makes you happy to give handmade gifts?  I want to know.  Why do YOU sew?

october 2015 KCW contributors

meet the oct 2015 contributors

It’s always exciting to meet the new contributors each season. This group is super talented and full of fantastic ideas for this season!

the oct 2015 KCW contributors

1. Jess from Willow & Stitch 2. Stacey from Boy, oh boy, oh boy crafts 3. Lindsay from Instagram  4. Jess from Gracious Threads

Here they are in all their masked glory:) You might not recognized these masters of disguise, so let me introduce them to you one by one…


1. bimaa sweater 2. play time dress 3. striped romper 

First up is Lindsay. Lindsay is a fellow Wisconsinite (or cheesehead, everyone just calls us cheeseheads) who sews for her three children. I first discovered her fabulous sewing skill on KCW, but you can follow her all year round on Instagram.

stacey from boyohboyohboy crafts

1. outfit inspired by the Hulk! 2. bear (or ewok) hoodie 3. colorblock cupcake top

In blog years, Stacey and I are old timers. She has been sewing fantastic clothes for her boys and blogging about it for over 6 years now! Not to mention publishing patterns, writing tutorials, selling her wares, and doing all kinds of fun things with her boys.

Jess from willow and stitch

1.wildflower kimono 2. this is just a really great blog post 3. blue shirt and yellow skirt 

Jess has been blogging at Willow & Stitch for a few years now and I was immediately hooked when I read her first post. Her blog is a wonderful mix of stunning handmade clothes and quietly powerful posts about being creative.

jess from gracious threads

1. lazy days lounge pants 2. ottobre top 3. raindrop tee

The sewing world seems to be filled with Jessicas and we have 2 this season! The second Jess is Jess from Gracious Threads. You probably know her already from her popular pattern line of the same name. Jess is from Canada and sews for her adorable son and daughter.

You are certainly in for some KCW inspiration from all these women. You won’t be able to keep yourself from planning too much and fabric shopping too much and sewing too much for KCW!