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DISGUISE: costumes for the dress up bin

DISGUISE: Costumes For The Dress-up Bin

When Halloween rolls around, I  find I’m  in a constant argument with myself.  The creative part of me wants to go all out with the Halloween costumes, pull out all the stops.  If I let myself, I could spend hours adding sequence, or scales, or feathers.  There’s been years (way back when there was only one kid to sew for) where I would take months creating family themed outfits.  I highly admire and envy those that put in the time to make Halloween costumes that turn heads. But, these days, the realistic side always takes over and I realize I have three children who will wear those amazing costumes for just a few short hours, one day out of the year. A few years ago, I promised myself that I would stick to sewing Halloween items that could be used all year long.  My kids love dress-up play, so finding items to keep their imaginations running wild is easy.

If you fall into the realm of practicality, here’s a list of disguises that, in my opinion, will keep the kids coming back day after day.



1.  Lion Mask         2.  Lumberjack Beard            3.  Superhero Masks            4.  DIY Animal Masks

Masks: Whether they are superheros, safari animals, monsters, or covert spy disguises, masks can be used for all sorts of imaginary experiences.  If you utilize heavy-duty fabrics such as wool felt and fleece, this is something you can be sure will stand up through the test of children’s play.  Kids can mix and match all the live-long day and never get bored.


1.  Cozy Pilot Hat            2.  Yoda Hat             3.  Lace Princess Crown            4.  Fleece Viking Hat

Hats:  Hats, like masks are easily put on and removed as the child’s play takes a new turn.  Hats are the first item pulled from the dress-up bin.  Hats are great as kids learn about the many different rolls people play in the world around them, through  history, as well as roll playing their favorite bedtime stories.  And let’s face it, if you live in an area that’s guaranteed to involve winter jackets for trick-or-treating, the hat is going to make the Halloween costume.


1.  Fox Cape           2.  Dino Hoodie            3.  Owl Wings          4.  Butterfly Wings             5.  Shark Hoodie

Hoodies, Ponchos, and Capes: Have you noticed a theme to the year-round dress-up bin?  Everything is easy off-easy on.  Kids love capes and ponchos because they slip so easily over whatever they already have on.   As a seamstress, I love the fact that one pattern, altered just slightly or embellished with alternate materials can produce hundreds of different costumes.  Hoodies are just as easily disguised and provide your little one with zipper practice as well.  And again, if you live in a typically cold Halloween town, ponchos and capes wrap right over that down jacket.


Whether you decide to go all out on your Halloween disguises or stick to basic accessories that can be used all year long, we want to see your creations for Kids Clothes Week.

Which  disguises are you planning to sew?

DISGUISE: costumes to wear everyday

DISGUISE: costumes to wear everyday

Hi there, it’s Lindsay, posting today about making costume-inspired pieces for your kiddos that are practical enough for everyday wear. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve totally been that mom at the grocery store who is pushing the kid in the Batman mask or completely obnoxious adorable princess ensemble. I’m all for agreeing to those wardrobe requests once in a while, but sometimes you need your kids to look a little bit more presentable. To be capable of, you know, buckling their seatbelt or seeing more than three feet in front of their face. I’ve got some ideas on how to make them feel as though they’re in disguise and you, like a master of compromise.

First are some costume-like patterns and tutorials that are still super wearable.


1. Knight hoodie 2. Chic Cocktail Swing Coat 3. Petal Dress 4. Mermaid skirt

The next four patterns are fantastic as is, but could also be easily modified or embellished. Tara’s pinafore could be inspiration for any winged creature. Ridiculously adorable and cozy, this Fur Hood is perfect for any wild thing. The Onstage Tutu would be super sweet and isn’t too poofy to wear to school. These dungarees have been on my “to sew” list for a while. They could certainly outfit a little farmer, train conductor, or a hipster Taylor Swift.

kcw post 1 pic 2

1. Little Bee Pinafore 2. Fur Hood 3. OnStage Tutu 4. Charles Dungarees

We’ve talked about some costume inspired pieces that work for everyday. If you’re planning to use this Kids Clothes Week to make an actual Halloween costume, lets consider some disguises that can flex back into wearable pieces.

There are several pictures of me in my youth, rocking a pretty rad perm and wearing a “sweatsuit costume.” Basically, my mother bought a sweatsuit at the store and hot glued embellishments onto it. Black sweatsuit plus ears and a pinned on tail… Black cat! Gold hoodie with coordinating yarn glued on…Cowardly Lion! You get the idea. Now my first instinct is to tease my mom relentlessly about these creations, but it’s kind of a great concept (though she does deserve some grief about my hideous hair).

Here are a few examples that put that cat sweatsuit I wore for three consecutive years to shame.

KCW post last pic

1. Rainbow Dash 2. Rocket Man 3. Raven 4. Totoro

Knowing how to sew, means we aren’t limited to what we can find in a store. There are some amazing patterns out there for kid staples. Stacey mentioned several of them in her pattern post last week. If you make the costume additions removable, you’re left with some great handmade basics to see your kids through the colder months!

I hope these ideas have helped you get your wheels turning. Can’t wait to see what you guys make this season!

kcw oct. 2013 day four

kcw: day four


kcw day 4: handmade costumes

1. penguin costume by Terri  2. batgirl begins by Jane 3. adventure time finn costume by Julia 4. superhero tee by Michelle

It’s day 4 of Kid’s Clothes Week! Seeing as Halloween is exactly a week away, I thought I’d feature all the awesome costumes you guys have made so far this week. Everything from adorable little penguins to exploding volcanoes is showing up in the project pool! I love that you are using patterns you already have and transforming them into amazing things. The volcano below is made from the Oliver + S bubble dress pattern!

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